Featured Enhancements

Added feature to allow for multiple hold codes per Opponent, under Case File > Opponents > Contact Card

NOTE: this feature must be enabled by a CMP representative.

Case File

  • Subrogation:
    • Updated layout / design on Subrogation screen, added Insurance Company detail pop-out (Note: only visible for Subrogation case types).
  • Opponents:
    • Added ability to enter multiple “alternate addresses” to Case File > Opponents > Other Addresses screen.
    • Adjusted payment arrangement logic to auto-select the current user when entering a new payment arrangement, under Case File > Opponents > Financials.
  • Litigation:
    • Added feature to clear all of the Final Judgment, Stipulation, or Suit Information fields with a single click, under Case File > Litigation > Main Information (clear fields).
  • Financial > Balance:
    • Adjusted Case File > Financials > Balance screen to use new CMP-style grid formats.



  • Converted Client Suit Fees drilldown into popup, under Contacts > Clients > Settings > Accounting Settings.



  • Custom Reporting:
    • Added field to custom reporting for Contingency Rate Bucket description.



  • Bank Account Recon:
    • Added “Client Balance” report to Accounting > Reports and included it as part of the Accounting > Bank Account Recon > Recon Spreadsheet.
    • Added ability to specify a Deposit Batch ID or Check Number range when changing clear dates, under Accounting > Bank Account Recon > Tools.
  • Billing:
    • Updated billing timer “Cancel” image to “X”.
  • Remittance:
    • Added ability to get a detailed “test” log for a single file’s remittance, under Accounting > Remittance > Test Remit Calculations.
    • Added “Refund Costs on STL/PIF” checkbox to Accounting > Remittance for refunding unused costs to client when a case file has a “Case Settled” (STL) or “Paid in Full” (PIF) hold code.



  • Added ability to set your time zone, from Administration > Security > Users > Detail, which will update date/times throughout the application.


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