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CMPOnline Legal Case Management Main Screen

Sample Case File – General Info

The case management software module is the primary interface for your employees and facilitates the case management process by organizing and storing information specific to clients and opponents. The only way a staff member can effectively review a file is if they have ready access to all the relevant information about that file. Case Master Pro delivers a powerful resource to attorneys and staff through its unique and intuitive screens. This interface is designed to provide the user with powerful tools by allowing access to detailed information at a click of a mouse.

User Defined Case Types

User defined case types provide the flexibility needed to manage all areas of case law and trust accounting using just one system.

Review by User (Tickler System)

CMPOnline Legal Tickler System and Law Firm User Diary

Review By User – Allows unlimited users to review each case file simultaneously.

The review feature allows each user access to their daily work list and update or track progress on individual case files which is the only way a lawyer and support staff can effectively manage the number of files necessary to be productive in today’s environment. Once they have their review list, a double click will access a file (based on security level) and they have instant access to all the relevant information about that file.

Multiple Relationships

Each case file can have an unlimited number of opponents, addresses and accounts. You can also track multiple addresses, phone numbers, notes, service results, and trial results for each opponent. Review items are also opponent specific. This flexibility allows opponents to be tracked separately or together. Documents can also be generated for all opponents in the file or a specific opponent. When an advanced document feature like expressions is used, CMP can check for separate addresses or representation by an attorney and generate the document accordingly. Each file can also be viewed by multiple users and updating can occur at the same time to allow the lawyer and staff to review the case file at any time.


CMPOnline Legal Contact Records

Contact Screen – An individual record for each judge, sheriff, client, process server, court reporter and more.

The CMP Contact screen features easy data entry and storage for clients, clerks, judges, counties, opposing attorneys and more. Case files can easily link to all contacts for easy lookup and document creation capabilities.

Convenient Case File Contact Information

We have optimized the case file contact screens for quick and efficient client and opponent contact. In addition, all pertinent contact information, including clerks, sheriffs is available in a single screen.

Multiple Office Capabilities

Several CMP features support offices with multiple locations. For example, the user-definable “Branch” field and Custom Reporting will allow users to seamlessly track profitability and efficiency for each location or department.


Case Master Pro is easily customized in many areas. For example, the user can effortlessly modify or add Case Types and Debt Types and the Terminology feature lets you rename certain field labels in CMP.

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