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Contact Automation and Integration Add-ons

The CMPOnline contact automation and integration add-ons don’t disappoint with features that are robust yet user friendly, including enhanced email integration, two factor authentication, payment processor integration, and so much more.

One of our most sought-after tools is the email automation. This is a tool that lets your users send relevant emails using automated workflows, which is extremely effective to manage your caseload. With the ability to create a single email or a series of emails using our customized templates, your firm can save time by sending automated emails to your clients or opponents.

Legal Case Management Microsoft Outlook Integration

Legal Case Management Microsoft Outlook IntegrationCMPOnline integrates with Microsoft Outlook to streamline your workflow, help you connect with your team and clients, and better understand your law firm. You’ll have everything you need to collaborate and stay up to date with your case files. Case Master allows the user to send emails directly from Microsoft Outlook into CMPOnline’s Imaging system with the click of a button. (This add-on is separate from the standard “Email” and “Imaging” features, which are included in the base program.)

For a quick tutorial, watch our YouTube Video on the Outlook Add-on

Law Firm Case Management Enhanced Email Automation PluginsEnhanced Email Automation allows for a more streamlined process when sending emails to and from CMPOnline. One way this automation feature can help support you and your firm is by enabling you to merge case file information into pre-designed email templates specific to your firm. Use this feature to send common messages and include data that infrequently changes from message to message such as Demand Letters, Payment Reminder Letters, etc. Additional information, as well as any modifications, can also be added before the email is sent. This includes the ability to email documents and client invoices you generate within CMPOnline directly from within the system. Lastly, you also have the option to save these emails in the case file’s imaging and activity screens. You won’t regret having generated emails ready at a moment’s notice! (This add-on is separate from the standard “Email” and “Imaging” features, which are included in the base program.)

For a quick tutorial, watch our YouTube Video on Enhanced Email Automation

CMPOnline Law Firm Management Login SecurityUpon logging into CMPOnline, users are sent a verification code to a trusted device that they must enter before proceeding.

As an added layer of security, this two-step authentication process creates a safer work environment as well as a greater level of SOC2 Compliance.

For a quick tutorial, watch our YouTube Video on Two Factor Authentication.

Outgoing calls are easily initiated with a click of a button, allowing you the ability to call, record, and save within CMPOnline. Once completed, the user also has the option to record the phone call, saving it as an MP3 file and automatically uploading it to the case file’s imaging folder.

Legal Case Management Payment ProcessingPayment Processor Integration allows your firm to accept and process debtor and client credit cards or ACH payments directly within CMPOnline. Easily and securely capture transaction data instead of manually entering them into the system, effectively saving your firm time and preventing human error along the way. With this add-on, payments are automatically recorded into CMP as soon as you take the payment.

Some of the approved payment processors CMPOnline seamlessly integrates with are: Clover Connect, CardPointe/CardConnect, LawPay, Converge, Sage, Payroc/Payscape, GlobalPayments, Authorize.Net, and more. If you don’t see a processor you wish to integrate with, contact a Case Master representative.

Microsoft Outlook Integration Video

A quick overview of how the Microsoft Outlook Add-on works in CMPOnline. Brought to you by Case Master Pro.

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Client Dashboard

Internet based secure access for your clients has become the standard and is expected from many customers. It may make the difference between having a client or not. The need for fast accessible information is becoming a more demanding process every day. This process is made easy with CMPOnline. The Client Dashboard module allows you to give your clients access to their files easily and quickly, at their convenience. Using the Internet and any industry standard browser, your clients will be able to view their claims via the Internet in a safe and secure environment. They can view claims at their convenience thus eliminating the need for status reporting. You keep your clients apprised of what is going on, in real time with no extra work! With the addition of CMP Imaging, clients can also view all imaged documents.
The assignment of unique client access codes and passwords allow you to control the clients and their needs for information. For client access, restrictions based on the file and the information displayed is permitted. This allows the client to only see selected information directly from within the system. This information can be controlled to allow them only to see transactions, general case file information, last actions, notes, balances or any other information in the system at any time. In addition, the Client Dashboard includes SSL protection providing added security.
CMPOnline includes complete customization of the Client Dashboard tailored to your current website design. This ensures a seamless flow from your website to the Client Dashboard.
Please contact us to schedule a live demo.

Payment Dashboard

The Payment Dashboard gives debtors, opponents, and clients the ability to make payments online using a check or credit card in a secure environment. Available 24/7 for processing payments, the Payment Dashboard lessens the need for the debtors, opponents, and clients to contact your office. During the payers’s login session, they can even update their address and phone number. Daily activity reports integrate with Case Master Pro providing details of all payments received and address or phone number changes. Additional features include optional restrictions to online access or account balance information.
GeoTrust SSL certificates are included in CMPOnline providing the Payment Dashboard with complete security.
CMPOnline includes complete customization of the Payment Dashboard tailored to your current website design. This ensures a seamless flow from your website to the Payment Dashboard.
Please contact us to schedule a live demo.

Outside Counsel Login

Allows outside counsels, otherwise known as referral attorneys, to log in to the system, view their specific files, and add notes as needed. Access is limited to adding activity notes and images on case files to which they are assigned.

EDI Interfaces

These optional interfaces allow for importing and exporting of data from multiple data sources, including clients, credit agencies, other computer applications and file types. These interfaces are setup to act as a liaison between other sources and CMP.
CMPOnline Law Firm EDI Interface
Specific EDI Interfaces are crafted for working with creditors such as GE, NAN, Resurgent, Target, TrakAmerica, You’ve Got Claims and others. Our developers built a special tool so that 90% of the work needed to craft any interface for a client has already been completed. Whoever your clients are, we can get their information into CMP quickly and easily.
CMPOnline Law Firm EDI Interface File UploadThe generic import feature allows you to bring in information needed to start a new case file. Large batches of cases from clients can be imported into CMP. This feature is also for your smaller clients with no set data standard or for files sent forwarded to you by other attorneys.
Custom interfaces can be done for any client or customer you may encounter, but these are done on a time and materials basis. Already completed interfaces are available for a standard and reduced cost.

Direct Check Module

The Direct Check Module provides complete integration with one of the leading check processing software packages in the industry. With this module, firms can enter check promises directly into CMPOnline and then easily export all information into Direct Check so you can print debtor payments for immediate deposit. The Direct Check Module requires a separate purchase of the Direct Check software from a third party vendor. For more information, please contact us.

Data Conversion

We have replaced many systems available in the marketplace and have conversion utilities available for some of the more popular packages that do not offer the technology Case Master Pro does. These include PCLaw, Collection Legal Software (CLS), Jim Hubbard, JST, Debt Master, and others. Most any system can have the data converted into Case Master Pro. All data conversions are done using our existing tools and are verified to be accurate and correct after importing to be sure that the information is transferred completely and accurately. This process makes changing systems easier and allows the system to get up and running quickly to produce more results in less time.