Legal Software Administration

Fully Featured Cloud Based Legal Software Administration

This module seamlessly integrates with CMP Case Management. CMP Legal Software Administration is designed specifically for system administrator use. It handles security, user field settings and optional modules that are licensed. In addition it handles the database, its location and various systems oriented files including the accounting setup and administration.


CMPOnline Law Firm User Administration

The Navigation Node Editor allow system administrators to restrict user access to certain areas of the menu tree.

Security is handled in every aspect of the Case Master Pro database. It allows the system administrator to limit user access to only the screens or fields applicable to their job function. Each field and form in CMP can be secured. Security can be restricted even more by limiting fields to read only or no access at all. Security can also be used to “hide” a field that you may not need for your business. The security enhances usability by restricting a user’s access to certain information reducing the possibility of changing information by mistake and eliminating fields from the user’s sight that may otherwise confuse them.

Trust Accounts

The ability to handle multiple trust accounts enables each client to be identified with a specific trust account. Additionally, the trust account can be combined for smaller firms if desired. Each trust account can be reconciled to manage fees or costs advanced as well as client and debtor payments and vendor refunds.

Accounting Integration

The accounting program permits the integration of third party accounting interfaces to help manage the firm’s accounting needs. This allows all checks to be integrated with the most popular accounting programs to summarize the financial position for the firm. Currently the package integrates with Peachtree and QuickBooks, but other interfaces are available.

Administrative Reporting

CMPOnline Legal Administrative Reporting

Results – Graph and view results by client, debt type, state, collector, etc.

Administrative reports and graphs are available from within legal software administration module as well. This provides quick views against the data collected in the system at any time. Custom reports can be done through the specialized custom reporting option. This option allows for any reports to be done based on the user requirements. Standard report categories include litigation, status, financial and performance, listings, exports and queries as well as custom reports. This combination allows a good review of the details available in the system and allows access to the information most frequently used.

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