Debt Collection Software with Custom Reporting

Fully Featured Legal Debt Collection Software with Custom Reporting

The debt collection software custom reporting module allows users to create customized reports based on any data field. Reports can be saved, filtered by columns, and detailed to exact requirements. Reports can be printed, emailed or exported based on the user requirements.

Standard Reporting

Included in the system is a basic debt collection software custom reporting facility for ad-hoc reporting permitting the user to define a viewable screen to report on any information in the system. Thus, even a beginning user can create simple reports or load standard template reports that have been previously defined. This allows each user to run reports they need, whether they need them for record keeping, manual records, or just information.

User or Shared Reports

Once defined, any report can be saved for future use or discarded. If saved, they can be saved as a personal report or a shared report. If saved as personal, the report can only be viewed and modified by the user that created it, very much like a document created can be saved in ‘My Documents’.

Multiple Formats

Reports can be viewed in several formats. Each format offers different options such as Rich Text format so they can be opened in Word or WordPerfect. If a report is just for information, it can be previewed on the screen before printing if desired. If a client wants specific information, it can be saved as an RTF or Excel format to allow it to be shared. Excel format also allows data to be graphed, formatted or otherwise manipulated using the spreadsheet options many people are already familiar with. Regardless of the format, the reports can be emailed or faxed to maximize the benefits of integration without leaving your desk.

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