About Our Legal
Case Management Software Company

Fully Featured Case Management Software for Law Firms

Case Master, Inc. provides complete systems that will meet the needs of Law firms in terms of legal case management software and will also allow for remote offices on one centralized database system. The Case Master Pro software is a fully featured Windows based program that is specifically tailored for complete case management and trust accounting. Case Master Pro allows an unlimited number of open and closed files, supports document generation, and much more. Add on modules include a scanning system for the paperless office environment, the ability for clients to review statuses online, and industry standard EDI interfaces.

Case Master, Inc. has successfully converted many clients from old technology applications such as PCLaw, CLS, Hubbard, and others to our system. Our experience will help you mold your business systems to work the way you want without the use of antiquated and difficult to support technology.

Case Master Pro has provided the legal industry with law firm case management and collection recovery software for more than eighteen years. Originally developed in a law firm by the systems and trust accounting manager, in a windows only format since its inception, Case Master Pro legal case management software incorporates the latest technology to deliver a complete ensemble, providing the power of information at your fingertips. Our fully integrated features such as accounting, billing, imaging, document generation, and online client access unite with the program’s ease of use to increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Call today for a personalized demonstration!

We are pleased to show you some of the components that make Case Master Pro a solution that works.

  1. Case Management provides the primary interface for your employees and facilitates the case management process by organizing and storing information specific to clients and opponents.
  2. Administration is designed specifically for trust accounting and includes a complete billing system and is also used to reconcile all facets of multiple trust accounts.
  3. Custom Reporting allows users to create customized views of any data and build custom reports based on any data in the system.
  4. Document Management allows your firm to totally automate all phases of document creation and management with a minimal amount of data input.
  5. CMP Imaging converts paper documents into viewable electronic formats with a clean and simple interface allowing you to view, email or print the images quickly and easily.
  6. CMP Online offers secure reporting keeping your clients apprised of all file activity, at their convenience, in real time with no extra work for you!
  7. Flexible Accounting elements allow you to tailor the financial settings to conform to your agreement with the client to handle special circumstances, rates and fees on a per client or per file basis.
  8. Data Conversion allows us to transfer your existing data into industry standard format for CMP, which means a seamless conversion from PCLaw, Hubbard, CLS, or other proprietary system.
  9. CMP’s ability to easily integrate with other industry standard products allows us to deliver advanced reporting, check printing, predictive dialers, and client required EDIs, presenting you with a single unified solution, greater freedom, flexibility, and control.