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A Fully Featured Windows Based Legal Billing Software

CMPOnline Legal Deposit Entry Screen

Check Entry includes a MICR check scanning option to instantly find the proper case file.

Maintain complete control with Case Master Pro’s comprehensive accounting and legal billing software. Designed by a CPA, the accounting programs automate the familiar “one write” concept of bookkeeping and offer numerous options. Meet client demands quickly and retain the highest degree of accounting accuracy and automation available. When marketing to prospective clients or servicing existing ones, the Case Master Pro accounting options will set you apart from the competition.

Trust Accounting

Enables remittances, check printing, billing, and automated batch routines from each account separately. Unlimited trust/cost accounts allow each client to be separated into a different trust accounts. The trust accounting automates check writing for costs and remittances with the ability to have custom remittances, outstanding check reports and personalized statements for your clients. The ability to handle check-by-check remits allows for easy auditing if the client requests it. All processes are linked directly to the case file for easy verification of fee and cost recovery as well as itemized opponent and file accounting audit trails.

Fee Arrangements

Automatically and accurately apply fee arrangements and change fee arrangements when you file suit or hire a corresponding attorney. Options include net or gross remits, bracketed rates (multiple Rates per client or case), contingent and non contingent fee rates including recovery of additional suit fees, flat rate billing or per file, and hourly billing or any combination of the above to meet the more complex clients. Further, fees can be advanced from trust and/or billed directly to the clients.

Court Cost Invoicing

Work efficiently by having the system create cost checks to clerks, sheriffs, process servers and others recoverable costs. Checks can accompany court documents or be generated on demand, but court cost billing can include group checks or individual court cost statements for each file, minimums for both court cost invoices and refunds based on tables defined in the system, detailed or summary cost history and can include creditor name for recording purposes. Regardless, all or only those ready to close can be processed and invoicing can be done on plain letterhead or plain paper depending on your preference.

Accounting Reports

CMPOnline Legal Trust Accounting

Accounting Reports are easy to run for reconciliation and auditing

CMP Admin legal billing software features numerous accounting reports for easy accounting detail and reconciliation. Reports can be created for multiple trust account, date ranges, etc.

Remittance Options

The flexibility of the remittance options available allow you to meet the needs of your clients in ways previously unavailable. Options available by client include single or group checks, gross or net remittance, automatic deduction for payment fees or other costs directly from the remittance thus improving cash flow and receipt of payment faster. The client also controls the number of days to hold checks before remittance to prevent the remittance of NSF or otherwise non negotiable checks. The available remittance options allow you to meet the needs of all clients’ quickly and efficiently.

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