Featured Enhancements

New company setting that adds an “Add Note” icon to the CMPOnline menu bar that is always visible within all Case File screens, so that users can quickly add a “simple” activity note to a case file (must be enabled by a CMP administrator).

Added a company setting to show Account-level balances as part of the Case File popup on the Deposits screen, under Accounting > Deposits > Enter Deposits (must be enabled by a CMP administrator).

Please contact a CMP Representative for more information.

Case File

  • Main:
    • Added the current Writ Execution’s Sheriff or Process Server to the Phonebook dialog (if this feature is enabled).
    • Added the ability to save a Plaintiff Address back to the Client’s Settings area for that plaintiff (must be enabled by a CMP administrator).
    • New scrollbar to the Account Listing for when there are more than 5 – 6 accounts on the case file, under the Case File > Main screen and the Accounting > Deposits > Enter Deposits screen.
    • Added the ability to store more than 4 commercial contingency rate brackets at the case-file level (to match the client-level rates), under the Case File > Main > Settings tab.
    • New field on the case file-level to override the “Low Balance Warning” amount (set at the company level) when entering payments on the Deposit screen, under the Case File > Main > Settings tab.
    • New logic to hide the “Contingency Rate” field on the File and Client level if it is unable to be overridden such as when commercial rates are configured, under the Case File > Main > Settings tab and under the Contacts > Clients > Settings > Remittance tab.
  • Accounts:
    • Additional columns, column visibility, and column drag features to the “Account Listing” grid on the Accounts screen visible when there are 10 or more accounts on a case file, under.
    • Added the Account Client Reference and Closure Reason fields as optional fields to the Account Listing grid on cases with more than 10 accounts.
  • Subrogation:
    • New “Waiver Email Address” and “Waiver SMS Phone Number” fields added to the Insured tab.
  • Opponents/Debtors > Garnishments:
    • New “Dismissal Reason” column added to the Garnishments grid.
    • Added a “select” option next to the Sheriff Office information on the simple garnishment popup that allows the user to select the sheriff’s information based on the Bank or Employer’s county information when adding or editing a garnishment.
  • Litigation > Recording Counties:
    • New ability to add multiple Judgment Liens to a Case File.
    • Added a Recording Description dropdown to the Recording County popup.
  • Documents:
    • Updated the DevExpress control to the latest version (23.1.5) which fixes some security issues and copy / paste issues.
  • Financial > Transactions:
    • Added the Remit ID number (if available) next to the “Remittance Details” accordion label when editing a “DP” / Debtor Payment transaction with the Remit Date populated.
    • New ability to specify if a Remit Date should be added to the new transaction entered while Misapplying a remitted “DP” / Debtor Payment transaction.
    • Added logic to the Void Transaction process to permit voiding of non-check deposit transactions such as Attorney Fees and Client Funds in a much more streamlined manner.


  • Added a new invoice format for “Separate (with initials, by service type)”, grouped by service type Professional Services vs. Court Costs, under Contacts > Clients > Settings > Billing.
  • Added logic and fields to add and store the Plaintiff address within the Client Plaintiff listing, as well as storing this address on the case file when that Plaintiff is selected during the new Case File creation process under Contacts > Clients > Settings > General (must be enabled by a CMP administrator).
  • New ability to store sheriff’s Office Locations within the “Sheriff” contact, under Contacts > Sheriffs.


  • Custom Reporting:
    • Added “Subtract Costs for Fees” custom reporting fields to the “CaseFile” and “Client” fieldsets, under Tools > Custom Reporting.
    • Updated the “Boolean” (Yes / No) filter in Custom Reporting to a True / False dropdown for better readability, under Tools > Custom Reporting.
    • Added logic to help prevent certain Filter Types (all except “In (List)” and “Not In (List)”) on numeric / currency fields from using non-numeric characters (by removing them) to prevent errors while running custom reports, under Tools > Custom Reporting.
    • Added “Garnishment Bank” and “Garnishment Employer” address fields to the “Debtor Garnishments” fieldset in custom reporting, under Tools > Custom Reporting.
    • Added logic to reduce the number of AJAX calls required when making changes to a Custom Report (to speed up screen responsiveness), such as when reordering columns, adding new columns, etc., under Tools > Custom Reporting > Build.


  • Remittance:
    • Added the ability to exclude closed files from the Remit Hold report.
    • New company setting to use the client’s “Default Client Code for Checks” (if populated) when adding checks during the remittance process instead of the “Default Client Code for Remittances” or the “Client Code” itself (must be enabled by a CMP administrator).
    • Added a remittance “End Date” column and progress bar to the “Last 20 Remittances” grid.


  • Lookups:
    • Added the ability to set the “Default Value” to True/False for the “Consumer Debt” checkbox (if enabled via company settings) when entering new case files and selecting the Case Type, under Administration > Lookups > Case File > Case Types.
    • Added a Recording Descriptions lookup, under Administration > Lookups > Case File > Recording Descriptions.
    • New ability to set up a billing service code to “Force Zero Amount Billing” as well as “Hide Entry on Invoices”, under Administration > Lookups > Financial > Service Codes.
  • Reporting:
    • Converted the Reporting detail grids to the new CMP-style grid formats.
  • Setup:
    • New company setting to configure the default TRUE / FALSE value for the “Subtract Costs to Calculate Fees” client setting field when adding a new client, under the Administration > Setup > Company > Advanced tab.
    • New “Add Transaction” triggering action to the Company Automations, under the Administration > Setup > Company > Automations tab.
    • Added an “Add Billing” automation action to the Company Automations, under the Administration > Setup > Company > Automations tab.
  • Setup > Document Templates:
    • New Merge Fields:
      • Added new document merge fields for “SelectedAccount_CurrentBalance*” and “SelectedAccount_TotalDebtorPayments” that are specific to the selected account when merging a document.


  • Added logic to re-use any previously set password reset “hashes” when resetting a password until the password is properly set to prevent confusion related to using the latest password reset email provided, on the CMPOnline Login screen.
  • New “eye” icon to “password reset” and “password change” input fields that, when clicked, allows the user to view their password in plain-text.

    Did You Know?

    CMPOnline has all kinds of hidden secrets!

    Any CMPOnline heading that is colored blue has the ability to be drilled down further so you can gather more information about that field. For example: On the Main Case File screen, you can hover over the “Client” heading to see a popup that provides basic details. If you click this blue heading, you will then be provided with more in depth information and be able to click on the “Details” button to delve further into the client settings. There are many headings providing this similar feature within CMPOnline. Continue to venture around and please reach out with any questions!

    Stay tuned for future tips about CMPOnline!

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