Featured Enhancements

Added a dropdown of Payoff reports to include the normal
“Payoff Report” and two additional reports,
“Payoff Report with transaction detail”, and “Transaction Breakdown”,
under Case File > Financial > Balance.

New ability for administrators to make backups of and delete all images
on closed files (in batch), under Administration > Setup > Imaging > Image Backup.

Please contact a CMP Representative for more information.

Case File

  • Main
    • Disabled the “Take Payment” button (if enabled by a CMP administrator) on closed files.
  • Subrogation
    • New “Salvage Amount” field for case types that include the Subrogation screen.
    • Added feature to the Insurance Company dropdown on the Subrogation screen to load the data via AJAX (with very large data sets) to prevent slow page-load times.
    • Updated the Alias information on the Subrogation screen to be an expandable toggle panel.
    • Added the ability to add multiple Insureds to Subrogation case types, as well as tracking the Med Pay and UMBI amounts for each.
  • Opponents/Debtors
    • Added ability to log bad email addresses when editing an existing email address.
  • Litigation
    • New logic so that the “Judge” dropdown list is sorted by last name vs. judge code.
  • Documents
    • Added logic to replace merge fields with their actual values (instead of just updating the fields) when generating a document to prevent issues with “Open in Word” features.
  • Reviews
    • New logic to prevent reviews from being added to unopened case files when a client or outside counsel uploads an image to that file if external logins are enabled.


  • Batch Documents
    • Created a column for “Client Reference” and allowed column dragging / reordering in the Batch Documents grid.
  • Custom Reporting
    • New “Group By” field coding for custom reporting fields and custom fields to allow for more complex SQL logic when pulling custom reports that use grouping / aggregates.
    • Added a “Subrogation Insureds” fieldset and associated fields to Custom Reporting.


  • Billing > Locked Bills
    • Added the ability to reprint and unlock multiple invoices at once.  Note: the Locked Bills feature must first be enabled by an administrator.
  • Checks > Print Checks
    • New ability to filter on specific columns / fields within the Select Checks popup.
  • Remittance
    • Added a new remittance report format, “Landscape with Balances (Pmt Breakdown)”, that includes a breakdown of each payment with payment amount and contingency rate under the remittance line entry for each case file.
    • New “Grand Totals” page to the “Landscape with Balances” remittance report.
    • New ability to separate the billing entries by payment date and payment amount for the entries that are automatically entered for Gross remit clients during the final remittance processing (must be turned on by a CMP administrator).


  • Lookups > Case File > Image Descriptions
    • New “Category Description” for use with building Exhibits, to group multiple Image Descriptions into the same Exhibit.
  • Security > Security Groups
    • New ability for specific security groups to bypass a locked billing hold placed on the system.
  • Setup > Company > Advanced
    • Added the ability to set the “Default Invoice Format” for new clients.
  • Setup > Imaging > Image Restore
    • New ability for administrators to restore deleted images on case files (in batch).
  • Setup > Document Templates
    • Added additional document merge fields (as well as individual merge fields for the Med Pay and UMBI amounts) to pull Insured information for up to 4 Insureds, under Case File > Documents.


  • Added the ability to copy the company’s default email signature into your own for editing purposes, under the User Preferences area.
  • New logic when sending emails via the Enhanced Email Automation (must be enabled by a CMP administrator) to default to the company-level Image Description and Activity Code for logging the email to the case file, when using an Email Template that does not have the Image Description or Activity dropdowns populated.
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