Featured Enhancements

Added the ability to send any files uploaded from the CMPOnline Client Portal to the Imaging Holds area of CMPOnline with meta data included, instead of being emailed, under Tools > Data Import > Imaging Holds.

New ability to Add a “PIN” column with the ability to “pin” select images to appear at the top of the Imaging grid listing, under Case File > Imaging.

Please contact a CMP Representative for more information.

Case File

  • Main:
    • New logic to make Case Files assigned to inactive Clients easier to reassign to an active Client.
    • New logic to sort the “Client Contact” dropdown (if enabled) alphabetically by full name, under.
    • Added the “Initial Payment Amount” and “Date” to the Payment Arrangement hover-over if populated.
    • Added additional logic to the close file routine to handle discrepancies in the Client Funds balance vs. Trust Balance when issuing Refund checks, under the Case File > Main > Settings tab.
  • Accounts > Mortgages:
    • New account-level User Defined Fields to the Mortgages screen (if enabled).
  • Opponents/Debtors:
    • Added the Entered By / Entered Date to the Debtor / Opponent’s Bad Addresses and Bad Phone Numbers grids, with an “eye” visibility icon, under Case File > Debtors/Opponents > Other Addresses tab.
  • Litigation:
    • New company setting to auto-set the Court Type when a case file is opened (must be configured by a CMP administrator) based on the largest account’s principal amount.
  • Activity:
    • Added the ability to assign a review to “self” when adding reviews through an Activity popup.
  • Reviews:
    • New company setting (must be enabled by a CMP administrator) to allow for a Review’s Date Due to be set to a weekend day.
  • Financial:
    • Added logic to allow the balance calculation process to continue if the total principal on all accounts is equal to zero to account for data conversions with zero principal amounts, but subsequent principal adjustments to that amount, under Case File > Financial > Balance.


  • Custom Reporting:
    • New logic so that aggregate fields are displayed in RED when building a custom report, for easier identification.
    • Added new Custom Reporting fields for “Review Code Description” to the “Reviews”, “Last Reviews”, and “Review History” fieldsets, which pulls the “description” used on the review code itself.


  • Deposits > Enter Deposits:
    • Added logic to auto-recalculate a case file balance during the deposit posting process.
    • New warning message which appears when entering a Deposit on a case file with an Outside Counsel populated (and O/C is set to “Net”) and an Outside Counsel Contingency Rate populated, when the Total Amount entered for the deposit line (amount + O/C Fee) does not match the internal CMP calculations.


  • Lookups:
    • Added logic for tracking Court Types by state, under Administration > Lookups > Case File > Court Types.
    • Increased the maximum length allowed for Document Package descriptions from 50 to 100 characters, under Administration > Lookups > Document > Document Packages.
  • Reporting:
    • Added additional fields (Transaction Date, Remit Date, Fees Calculated, and more) to the Payments drilldown reporting, under Administration > Reporting > Payments.
    • New Statistics Reporting page with drilldowns to include detailed collection information over a specified date range, under Administration > Reporting > Statistics.
  • Setup:
    • Added a company setting to auto-set the “Bill for Fees on Direct Payments” option for new clients, under the Administration > Setup > Company > Advanced tab.
  • Setup > Document Templates:
    • New logic so that when a user renames, moves, or copies a PDF within the document template setup area, all of the field mappings assigned to that PDF move with it.
    • New Merge Fields:
      • AttorneyUserTitle
      • BankGarnAttorneyEmailAddress2
      • BankGarnAttorneyEmailAddress3
      • WageGarnAttorneyEmailAddress2
      • WageGarnAttorneyEmailAddress3


  • Added CSS to better hide sections / labels when Form Security renders the field invisible for that user.
  • Updated the Outlook Addin logic to use a web-based front-end for sending emails to CMPOnline.
  • Added a “lookup” option to the Outlook add-in page for looking up the file number based on the email address or subject line values of the email.
  • Added “Chinese Yuan” to the currency format dropdown.
  • New logic to persist / maintain the CMP Billing Timer’s time-keeping through user- or system-initiated logouts.
  • Updated the “Last Case File Viewed List” icon (in the CMP header bar) to a different icon to better differentiate from the “Show / Collapse” menu icon (visible when the CMP window is sized small).

    Did You Know?

    CMPOnline has all kinds of hidden secrets!

    There are many times when it is necessary to share multiple images from a case file, and CMP has an easy, secure way to do so without the hassle of saving each file individually. Simply visit Case File > Imaging and click the “Action” dropdown. From there, you can package images to a zip file or a single PDF file.

    Additionally, you can also create an “Image Share”, which will allow you to share your image package via a secure link which will expire on a date of your choosing. Try out image sharing today and reach out to a CMP Representative with any questions!

    Stay tuned for future tips about CMPOnline!

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