Featured Enhancements

Added the ability to view the email addresses that will be used when Emailing Selected Bills, under Accounting > Billing > Open Bills (with the Enhanced Email Automation feature enabled).

New ability to add automations, allowing reviews and activity to be updated when customizable triggers occur, such as opening a case file, updating a field, or adding an image.

Please contact a CMP Representative for more information.

Case File

  • Main:
    • Added the ability to set an “Additional Contingent Fee with Judgment” Rate on the Client or Case File (under Commercial Rates / Suit Fees), which is an override of the traditional suit fee rate, used during the remittance calculations to calculate firm contingency fees.
  • Opponents/Debtors:
    • Increased the length of the Opponent / Debtor’s First Name and Middle Name fields from 25 to 50 characters.
    • Added an option to the User Preferences area to always expand the “More >” tab on the Opponent / Debtor screen so that the hidden tabs are always visible on the tab bar.
    • New hover-over popup to the Garnishee field for the “simple” Garnishment, under the Garnishments tab.
  • Activity:
    • New ability to specify an Assigned To *Review Group* (vs. only an Assigned User) when adding or updating reviews from “Add Activity” popup dialog.
  • Imaging:
    • Added the ability to convert an oversized PDF in Imaging to the A4 (standard paper size) format.
    • New ability to include company-level images in the Exhibit build process (if enabled by a CMP administrator).
  • Reviews: 
    • Updated the “+” symbol next to the “Date Due” field (when adding / updating Reviews) to add the days provided to the existing Date Due (if populated) instead of always using today’s date.  Please note that this is the default setting.
    • Added an optional company setting to always use the current date instead of the “Date Due” value when clicking the “+” symbol next to the “Date Due” field when adding / updating Reviews.  If you prefer this setting, please contact a CMP administrator.
  • Financial:
    • Additional Judgment-related “Forced Breakdown” buckets to the Transaction detail screen.
    • Added “Insured” as a payee type when entering checks for Subrogation case types.


  • Added the “Address 2” column to the possible visible columns listing in the Contact grids.
  • Client > Settings > New Case Files:
    • New ability to customize the Service Code and Service Description used with a Client’s Auto Billing (added when opening new case files for that client).
  • Misc Vendors:
    • Increased the length of the “Payee” / Company Name field on Memorized Check Payees from 45 to 100 characters.
  • Outside Counsels:
    • Added the ability to store images at the Outside Counsel level.


  • Updated the “Document Package” dropdown on the Add Batch Docs to a Select2-style dropdown for easier searching.
  • Custom Reporting:
    • New ability for CMP administrative users to “Lock” system-level Custom Reports to prevent edits / deletes by non-administrative users.
    • New “Answer Result” and “Answer Date” fields to the “Opponent” fieldset.
  • Data Import > Potential Files:
    • New Case Number to the Potential Files’ Conflict Check routine.
    • Added the File Status (OPEN / CLOSED) to the Potential Files’ Conflict Check results.
    • New vertical scrollbar to the Potential Files’ Accounts grid (when numerous accounts fall under the same Potential File).
  • Data Import > Imaging:
    • Added logic to the Imaging import feature to NOT require the Client selection if the CF Identifier is set to File Number.


  • Consolidated and updated the File Number popover information dialog on the Accounting > Billing > Enter Bills and the Accounting > Checks > Enter Checks screens to better match the one that appears when Entering Deposits.
  • Billing > Open Bills:
    • Redesigned the “Enter Payment” screen when paying Open Bills to allow for paying open invoices from different clients with a single payment.
    • Added a “Enter Payment (Selected)” button to the Open Bills screen for entering payment across multiple invoices.
    • New “Select Range” button on the Open Bills screen to allow for selecting invoices by Invoice Date range or Invoice Number range.
    • Added the ability to view the Client Detail popup dialog from the “(view email addresses)” popup when emailing invoices from the Open Bills screen (via the Enhanced Email Automation).


  • Lookups > Case File > Image Descriptions:
    • Updated the Exhibit logic to be based on the Image Description (setting up each exhibit based on the Image Description).
  • Lookups > Document > Document Packages:
    • Added the ability to mark a Document Package as “Combine Components During Merge”, which will combine each document component into a single document during the merge process.
    • New ability to re-order Document Components so that users can specify the order in which they are merged.
  • Setup
    • Updated the header / tab display on the Administration > Setup > Terminology and Administration > Setup > User Defined Field Labels screens.
    • Company > Advanced:
      • Added the “Branch” field as an available field to use for the Status Bar Template or the Email Subject Line Template.
    • Company > Automations:
      • Added the “Complaint Filed Date” and “Suit Date” fields to the “Field Updated” automation area for the Litigation object type.
      • New ability to update the Case File > Main > “Branch” field via a Company-level Automation.
      • Converted the Company-level “New File Reviews”, which was previously located on the Company > Advanced tab, to “Open a Case File” automation action.
      • Added the ability to set the Case Type for all Company Automations, regardless of “Triggering Action”.
      • New ability to set the Branch Type as a Limiting Factor for Company Automations.
      • Added the Opponent / Debtor’s Service Date to the “Field Updated” automation area for the Opponent object type.
    • Company > Company Images:
      • New ability to store images at the company-level.
  • Setup > Document Templates:
    • New Merge Fields:
      • AllOpponentsNamesBlock
      • AllOpponentsNamesWithAliasBlock
      • OutOfPocketAmount
      • OpposingAttorneyOrOpponentAddressBlock


  • Added logic to always refresh the “bell icon” review listing when opened to ensure the most recent list is shown, in case reviews are added via automation or when activity notes are added.
  • New ability to add User Defined Fields to the CMP Find popup dialog for case file searches (must be configured by a CMP administrator).
  • Added the ability to add multiple attachments to an email at one time via the Enhanced Email Automation.

Did You Know?

CMPOnline has all kinds of hidden secrets!

There are buttons at the top of every grid that allow you to copy the data to your clipboard, export the data to Excel, create a PDF, or print to your printer. This is super handy when you need to copy / paste some data into an email, or work with a dataset in another program.

Stay tuned for future tips about CMPOnline!

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