Featured Enhancements

Added a search icon next to the “File #” field on the Deposit screen to more quickly locate the correct file number for
a deposit, under Accounting > Deposits > Enter Deposits.

New capacity for the system to automatically send an acknowledgement email to clients / forwarders when a
new case file is opened. (must have the Enhanced Email Automation enabled).

Please contact a CMP Representative for more information.

Case File

  • Main
    • Updated logic to turn the opponent’s address on the Case File > Main screen to RED if the “Returned Mail” indicator is checked (this indicator is turned on in the Administration > Setup > Company > Advanced tab).
  • Opponents:
    • New ability to set a Bank Branch or Employer Location when entering opponent financial information, under the Case File > Opponents > Financials tab.  This feature has also been added when entering opponent garnishment information (when using “Simple Garnishments”), under the Case File > Opponents > Garnishments tab.
    • New capability to add banks and employers directly from the “simple” garnishment popup
      screen, under the Case File > Opponents > Garnishments tab.
  • Litigation:
    • Updated the Case Number field on the Case File > Litigation screen to force uppercase.


  • Added the ability to add bank “branches” and employer “locations”, under Contacts > Banks and Contacts > Employers.
  • New “Landscape with Balances” remittance report in landscape format with an Original Balance, Interest Accrued, and Current Balance columns, under the Contacts > Clients > Settings > Remittance tab.
  • Updated ability to save and load Commercial / Suit Fees rate structures at the client-level, under
    the Contacts > Clients > Settings > Remittance tab.
  • New ability to set billing rates per user type, under the Contacts > Clients > Settings > Billing tab.


  • Custom Reporting:
    • New Filters:
      • Not Like
    • New custom reporting fields added within the following fieldsets:
      • Writ Executions
      • Transaction fieldset
        • Item Number
      • Case File fieldset
        • Outside Counsel Status
        • Has CLLA / Bracket Rates?
      • Client fieldset
        • Has CLLA / Bracket Rates?


  • Added the “Case Number” and “File Note” fields (if populated) to the Deposit screen popover after entering a case file number, under Accounting > Deposits > Enter Deposits.


  • Added the ability to set access to multiple client codes / outside counsels for a single “external user” login, under Administration > Security > Users.
  • New capability to hide internal reviews from external users (such as Clients and Outside Counsel).  Must be configured by a CMP administrator.
  • Updated ability to set a “Child Service Type” on a billing Service Code (under Administration > Lookups > Financial > Service Codes) so that child service type entries (on the same file and service date) will be rolled up / combined with the parent entry, used mainly when entering billing entries that the firm doesn’t want the client to see, but need to be handled separately when the bill payment is made.
  • New filtering option for Internal / External users to the Administration > Security > Users grid.


  • New “File Updates” screen that will display recent file updates (over the last 7 days) to case files where the current user is the default user on the case file, but the update is made by someone else, under Tools > File Updates.
  • Added the “Show Top Buttons on Grid” user preference to be set to TRUE for all new users created in CMPOnline.
  • Updated “time” formatting logic to support military time, so that it will auto-format to regular / standard time after changing a field, such as under Case File > Reviews.
  • New document merge fields added:
    • WageGarnEmployerStreet
    • WageGarnEmployerStreet2
    • WageGarnEmployerCity
    • WageGarnEmployerState
    • WageGarnEmployerZipcode
    • BankBranch*  (and all sub fields)
    • EmployerLocation* (and all sub fields)
    • BankGarnBankBranch* (and all sub fields)
    • WageGarnEmployerLocation* (and all sub fields)
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