Featured Enhancements

New ability to set up recurring payments via the “Take Payment” button on the Case File > Main screen
when using Clover as the payment processor.

Users now have the ability to schedule User Reports to be run on a recurring schedule (daily, weekly, monthly),
automatically emailed to the user’s inbox as a CSV file, under Tools > Custom Reporting > User Reports.
(Must be configured by a CMP administrator.)

Please contact a CMP Representative for more information.

Case File

  • Opponents/Debtors:
    • New logic to insert a “blank” record at the top of the Bank / Employer / Opp. Atty dropdowns to more easily clear the dropdown.
  • Activity:
    • Added additional transaction detail and formatting to the Activity grid when “Show Transactions” is selected, such as the Reference and Clear Date fields.
    • Added Pending Deposits to the Activity grid when “Show Transactions” is selected.
  • Documents:
    • New Company Setting to bypass the “opponent county is missing” warning message that may appear during document generation.  Must be enabled by a CMP Administrator.
    • Added ability to generate a document package and have it open in Microsoft Word (bypassing the CMPOnline document editor).
  • Imaging:
    • New “Enable Multi Select” button (bottom left) for deleting multiple images at once.
  • Financial:
    • Added the ability to display the Interest Rate and Per Diem Amount on the Balance Payoff Letter.  Must be enabled by a CMP administrator.


  • New invoice format “Separate With Initials” to display the “Performed By” user’s initials on the invoice for AF service codes only, under the Contacts > Clients > Settings > Billing tab.


  • Batch Documents:
    • Logic added to Batch Documents to allow pulling the Opponent Number based on the Review’s Opponent Number field when loading case files from a custom report.
  • Custom Reporting:
    • New Fieldsets:
      • Forwarder
      • Transaction History
    • New Fields (and their respective fieldset):
      • Emails Address 1/2/3 (Outside Counsel)
      • Judgment Description (Litigation)
      • Invoice Number (Billing: All)
      • Unbilled Locked (Billing: Unbilled)
      • Unbilled Invoice Number (Billing: Unbilled)


  • Users now have the ability to choose an “All Except Selected” option to certain saved filters on the Accounting > Billing > Print Bills and the Accounting > Remittance screens.
  • Billing > Print Bills:
    • Added the ability to filter on the responsible attorney when generating bills.
  • Billing > Locked Bills:
    • Added the ability to select multiple locked bills before finalizing them (instead of one at a time).
  • Billing > Open Bills:
    • Added the ability to select multiple invoices at once to Reprint or Export to LEDES.
    • Updated the “Unfinalize Bills” grid to the newer CMP-style grid.
  • Billing > Paid Bills:
    • Updated the “Paid Bills” grid to the newer CMP-style grid.


  • Added the ability to specify a Default Court Type on the Case Type-level, used when setting the court type on the Case File > Litigation screen when initially saving a new case file, under Administration > Lookups > Case File > Case Types.
  • Updated the Review Code dropdown to a Select2-style dropdown, under Administration > Lookups > Document > Document Packages > Reviews.
  • New ability to configure reviews that are added / removed to a case file based on a specific field being updated (currently limited to the “SOL Date” on the Case File > Accounts screen at this time), under Administration > Setup > Company > Field Reviews.


  • Added a forced password change for system users during the Login process (defaulted to 6 months, configurable by a CMP administrator).
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