Featured Enhancements

Added a Billing Dashboard to the Daily Dashboard screen for attorneys to view their billing hours. To view the Billing Dashboard, simply click the CMPOnline logo in the top left corner and then click on the words “Billing Dashboard” near the left side of the screen.

New ability to preview MSG / DOCX files from the Activity screen if they are attached to an activity note or an “Image” activity type (by clicking on next to ), under Case File > Activity.

Please contact a CMP Representative for more information.

Case File

    • Main > Settings:
      • Added the Suit Fee Rate to the “load rates / save current rates” logic when loading or saving bracketed rates, under the Case File > Main > Settings tab and under the Contacts > Clients > Settings > Remittance tab.
    • Opponents / Debtors:
      • Added a new “supplementary process” tab with associated fields to the Opponent / Debtor screen (must be enabled by a CMP administrator).
    • Litigation:
      • Increased the maximum length of the Case Number field on the Litigation screen from 30 to 100 characters.
    • Activity:
      • Added logic to auto-insert Reviews that are sent to Outlook into CMP’s Appointment table so that they are visible on the Activity screen (via the Appointments checkbox).
    • Documents:
      • Added logic to the document merge process to use the appropriate bar number for the “AttorneyBarNumber” merge field (and others) based on the Venue County’s state (if applicable).
    • Reviews:
      • New logic to automatically set a Review’s “Opponent” or “Debtor” field to the first Opponent on the Case File if the Review Code requires an Opponent *and* there is only 1 Opponent on the Case File.
    • Financial > Transactions:
      • Added a company setting (must be enabled by a CMP administrator) to allow the Remit Date to be entered on Court Cost transactions, which is used with firm-specific remittance styles.
      • New ability to set (or not set) the Remit Date on a Voided Transaction when using the “Void / NSF” button.
      • Added unprinted Client Funds Trust Account checks to the “Client Funds” detail popup, listed in italics.  Note, the “Client Funds” detail popup is also available on the Case File > Financial > Balance Screen and the Case File > Financial > Billing screens.


    • Added the ability to copy Client Settings from another Client when adding a new Client from the Contacts screen, under Contacts > Clients.
    • New audit tracking to the client’s “Company Name” and “Title” fields, under Contacts > Clients.


    • Billing:
      • Added an ability to enter a “dash” ( – ) in the File Number field on the Remittance, Enter Bills, Print Bills, and Transfer Funds screens to auto-enter the currently loaded case file number, under Accounting > *.
      • New Excel Export feature to the printed bills / invoices, under Accounting > Billing > Print Bills.  The Excel icon is available in the top right corner of the new tab after the invoice is generated.
      • Added a “Client Funds” balance column (hidden by default) with an option to click into the Case File’s Client Funds detail popup, under the Accounting > Billing > Open Bills > Enter Payments screen.
    • Checks > Print Checks:
      • New ability to finalize only a select range of Checks during the Check finalization process.
      • Added text to the Check Print screen (and popup) to display the total amount of the selected checks for printing.
    • Deposits > Enter Deposits:
      • New company setting to change the default payment form used on the Deposit screen.
      • Added a company setting to auto-enter refund checks on overpayments posted from the Deposit screen.
    • Remittance:
      • New company setting (must be enabled by a CMP administrator) to have the Client-level “Days To Hold Checks” override the Payment Form-level field of the same name during the remittance process and for reporting purposes.


    • Lookups:
      • New field for “Appointment Type” on the Review Code, to be used when sending a Review to Outlook, under Administration > Lookups > Case File > Review Codes.
      • Added an option to Review Groups to only display files with a Venue County in the state that the current user is set to work business in (based on bar number / state) so that users do not see files assigned to their Review Group (under My Reviews) if they do not have a bar number in that state, under Administration > Lookups > Case File > Review Groups.
      • Added a “Financial Field Display Order” field to the Account Type settings to re-order the display of the currency fields on the Case File > Accounts screen, under Administration > Lookups > Account > Account Types.
    • Security:
      • New ability to set multiple bar numbers (by state) for a system user, under Administration > Security > Users.
    • Setup > Company > Advanced:
      • Added a company setting to “Bypass Removing Reviews When Closing Files”.
      • Added the ability to include the “ResponsibleAttorneyUserName” or “ResponsibleAttorneyFullName” to the CMPOnline status bar.
      • Added a company setting to “Show X-Refs at top of Main Screen” to display any listed cross-reference files at the top of the Case File > Main screen.
      • Added a company setting to “Show Problems on Main Screen”, allowing the firm to toggle the “Problems” message on or off on the Case File > Main screen.
    • Setup > Company > Automations:
      • Added the ability to set a “New Field Value” when triggering company automations to only trigger the automation when the field is updated to the value entered.
    • New Merge Fields: 
      • Opponent1County
      • Opponent2County
      • Opponent3County


    • Updated the CMP Outlook add-on logic to check the subject line first for the correct case file number (prior to the “From” email address) and added a more accurate matching algorithm to this process based on the current Case File numbering scheme.
    • Added a scrollbar to SweetAlert popups with messages that were very long to prevent them from extending beyond normal screen sizes.
    • New ability to click to drill into the client’s contact information from the CMPOnline status bar.
    • Added META tags to the Login screen to prevent search crawlers from indexing that page.

      Did You Know?

      CMPOnline has all kinds of hidden secrets!

      Users can add frequently accessed screens to their “Favorites” menu for easy, one-click access. Simply visit the page you wish to favorite and click the star in the top menu bar. This comes in handy for screens that are deep within CMP that users wish to access quickly and easily.

      (Windows Only) In addition, you can also use keyboard shortcuts to access your favorite screens or save items within CMP. For example, to access the first item in your Favorites list, press Alt-1 at the same time and you will instantly jump to the screen. Pressing Alt-S with a popup open will save the contents of that popup. If you press Alt-S while on a Case File screen, it will save the case file.

      Stay tuned for future tips about CMPOnline!

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