Featured Enhancements

Added the ability to filter the main CMPOnline menu to search for menu items.
See “Did You Know” below for more details.

New ability to click the Balance in the CMPOnline Status Bar to redirect the user
to the Case File’s Balance screen.

Please contact a CMP Representative for more information.

Case File

  • Main > Settings:
    • Enhanced audit tracking to the Misc Dropdown field (if enabled in Company Settings).
    • Added the ability to assign Case File-level billing rates to a User Group (in addition to the specific user).
  • Opponents / Debtors:
    • Updated the Hold Codes popup to include a scroll bar, useful for opponents with multiple hold codes.
    • Added a “Miscellaneous Note” field to the Contact Card screen, along with a company setting to show or hide this field, under Administration > Setup > Company > Advanced tab.
  • Litigation:
    • New feature to configure a “calc” field (must be configured by a CMP administrator) to appear next to the Suit Fees field that will auto-calculate Suit Fees based on the Suit Principal and a custom equation.
  • Documents:
    • Added logic to better handle formatting when using Account / Opponent Repeaters.
  • Reviews:
    • New ability to enable “Review Security” (must be enabled by a CMP administrator) so that Case File Reviews can only be edited or deleted by the person who created the Review or the person (or group) to whom the Review is assigned.
  • Financial > Transactions:
    • Added an “Invoice Number” and “Misc Dropdown” field stored at the transaction level in the “Advanced” section (which is visible when editing a transaction).


  • Custom Reporting:
    • Added “Audit New Value” field to the “Audit Logs” fieldset.
    • New “Interest Rate Adjustments” fieldset with appropriate fields.
  • Data Import > Excel Placements:
    • Enhanced logic to the Excel Placements import to better handle duplicate Accounts / Debtor information when the “Merge Accounts with the same Opponent Name?” option is checked.


  • Billing:
    • Added an optional “Billing Description” column to the Billing Import process, under Accounting > Billing > Import.
    • New logic to prevent billing from “stopping” when there’s a file error, so that the user sees the errors across all files (instead of one at a time), under Accounting > Billing > Print Bills.
  • Checks > Print Checks:
    • Updated the Check on Top and Check in Middle check formats to include the “check description” on both check stubs (instead of just one).
    • Added logic to report the Event Log via a popup when finalizing checks.
  • Checks > Reprint Checks:
    • New ability to specify the “# of Checks on 1st Page” when reprinting checks and the check format is set to 3 Checks to a Page.
  • Remittance:
    • Added a grand total of held payments to the “Remit Hold Listing” report.
  • Transactions:
    • Increased the script timeout property to prevent errors when pulling large batches of data.


  • Batch Programs > Batch Notes:
    • New logic to support adding transactions during the Batch Notes import if the Activity Code used is set up for adding transactions.
  • Lookups:
    • New ability to set a Review’s default assignee to the “Responsible Attorney” on a case file (if populated), under Administration > Lookups > Case File > Review Codes.
    • Increased the maximum length of a Review “code” from 3 characters to 5 characters, under Administration > Lookups > Case File > Review Codes.
    • Added an “Exclude from Document Generation” option to Hold Codes that will prevent opponents (or debtors) with this Hold Code from appearing in various document merge fields and within the Case Style, under Administration > Lookups > Opponent > Hold Codes.
    • Enhanced logic to the Interest Method rates (fixed and variable) to use the same number of significant digits after the decimal point as the Contract Rate (which is configured by a CMP administrator), under Administration > Lookups > Financial > Interest Methods.
  • Reporting:
    • Added an “As Of Date” to the Statistics reporting to pull data based on a past (previous) date, under Administration > Reporting > Statistics.
  • Setup > Company > Accounting:
    • New Company setting to Show / Hide the File Reference field on checks, which can sometimes interfere with addresses in the envelope window.
  • Setup > Company > Automations:
    • New “Suit Total” as a field to trigger Company Automations (if enabled).
    • Enhanced ability to add transactions as an “Automation Action”.
  • Setup > Document Templates:
    • Added new document merge fields for Opponent 1 – 3 “Full State” and “Type”.
    • New merge fields for “DocumentPackageName” that pulls the current document package name.
  • Setup > Imaging > Image Restore:
    • Added a column visibility “eye” icon to the Imaging Restore grid (to allow viewing of the “File Size” column).


  • Added adjustments to the Activity and Review dialog popups to resize the popup window if the user is viewing in a narrow browser window or on a mobile device
  • Removed the Company Setting for the “Add Activity from Menu Bar” and “Enable Company Automations”, so that these features are enabled by default.
  • Adjusted the menu filter option to auto-hide when the menu is minified (for narrow screen layouts and when hidden by user).
  • Updated the Event Log popup to include a vertical scroll bar for longer logs.

Did You Know?

CMPOnline has all kinds of hidden secrets!

Users are now also able to filter within the CMPOnline menu to find a specific page. For example, to find all pages related to transactions, click the tiny search icon just below the CMPOnline logo and begin typing “trans…” into the search box. Immediately, your menu will condense to only pages that contain the word you enter. Give it a try!

Stay tuned for future tips about CMPOnline!

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