Featured Enhancements

Added the ability to view each Bank Account’s transactions (over a specified date range) with a drill down into
the checks / deposits, under Accounting > Transactions.

New ability for super administrators to easily restore case file images that have been
deleted, under Administration > Setup > Image Restore.

Please contact a CMP Representative for more information.

Case File

  • Main
    • Updated logic to prompt the user regarding the case file’s contingency rate when updating the Outside Counsel Rate field, under the Case File > Main > Settings tab.
    • Added hover-overs to the Case File > Main > Settings screen for various fields.
  • Accounts:
    • New account Closure Reason lookup and dropdown field (to replace the standard text field),
      under Case File > Accounts (must be enabled by a CMP administrator).
  • Subrogation:
    • Created an “Insured Type” field to the Case File > Subrogation > Insured tab for Subrogation cases and included this field in custom reporting.
  • Opponents:
    • Updated logic / new Payment Schedule report to the “Payment Calculator” so that interest can be included in the amortization calculations, under the Case File > Opponents > Financials tab.
    • New Vehicle “Title Number” field on the Case File > Opponents > Financials tab when adding new vehicles, which is also included as a document merge field and in custom reporting.
    • Added an opponent-level Court Reporter dropdown field which is used for Checks / Document Merging, under the Case File > Opponents > Litigation tab.
  • Litigation:
    • New additional judgment balance bucket (must be enabled by an administrator).
  • Activity:
    • New ability to display only “Legal Statuses” in the Activity dropdown when adding or updating activity notes, under Case File > Activity.
  • Imaging:
    • Updated the Case File > Imaging > Package Images (ZIP) logic to use better file naming conventions (Description_Note_Date.Ext format).
    • Added logic to prevent external users (like Clients and Outside Counsels) with logins in CMPOnline to create Image Shares, under Case File > Imaging.
  • Financial > Balance:
    • Enhanced logic to allow for the balance calculation to continue processing without Case File > Account data (and when the case type requires an account) if the case file has a judgment or stipulation, under Case File > Financial > Balance.


  • Renamed and moved the “Check Payees” lookup from ‘Administration > Lookups > Financial > Check Payees’
    to ‘Contacts > Misc Vendors’.
  • Rebuilt the Court Reporter contact so that it was no longer tied to the county
  • Added optional fields for “Default Judge”, “Default Process Server”, and “Default Court Reporter” to the county, under Contacts > Counties.


  • Verify Documents:
    • New feature to save the user’s “Use Document Created Date” selection
      option, under Tools > Verify Documents.
  • Custom Reporting:
    • Added a “Guarantors” fieldset for pulling Guarantor fields (if the case file has an opponent marked as a guarantor, or the first opponent if not), under Tools > Custom Reporting.
    • New custom reporting fields added within the following fieldsets:
      • Guarantor fieldset:  All applicable guarantor fields
      • Opponent fieldset:  Vehicle Title Number
      • Subrogation fieldset:  Insured Type


  • Updated ability to issue a check (under Case File > Financial > Checks, and under Accounting > Checks > Enter Checks) to a different Clerk, Court Reporter, or Sheriff other than the one that is assigned to the case file.


  • Added ability to set up Reviews to be added / removed based on the Document Component (within a document package), under Administration > Lookups > Document > Document Packages.
  • Added ability for super administrators to edit the zip code mappings, under Administration > Setup > Zipcodes.
  • New toggle to the Account Type lookup for showing / hiding the Account Closure fields (date / reason),
    under Administration > Lookups > Account > Account Types.
  • Created field “Garnishment?” to the hold code lookup to specify if the opponent’s hold code is a garnishment hold code (which automatically updates the GPD review when posting payments), under
    Administration > Lookups > Opponent > Hold Codes.
  • Added the ability to set security on the Legal Statuses, Transactions, and File Footprints checkboxes on
    the Case File > Activity screen, under Administration > Security > Form Security.
  • Setup > Company > Advanced:
    • New ability to change the default case type when opening new case files from “Debt Collection” (the current default), under the Administration > Setup > Company > Advanced tab.
    • Added a company setting to change the system user dropdown format throughout CMPOnline, under the Administration > Setup > Company > Advanced tab.


  • Added ability to receive Two Factor Authentication code via e-mail, if the Twilio SMS service is down.
  • Updated logic to the top-right “Case File #” area so that a right-click on this information will copy the currently loaded file number to the clipboard.
  • New document merge fields added:
    • ContingencySuitFeeRate
    • CurrentContingencyRate
    • CurrentContingencyRateText
    • ClientContingencyRate 
    • ClientContingencySuitFeeRate
    • Vehicle Title Number
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