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Added “Help” page which links to YouTube videos related to help topics.
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Case File

  • Reviews:
    • Added logic to properly format “Time Due” when entering reviews.
  • Financial > Balance:
    • Added feature to image the Balance Payoff report to the current case file when sending via email.



  • Added SSN/EIN and Birth Date to all contact objects (under Contacts > *) and included the SSN/EIN as a document merge field for many of the contact objects.



  • Custom Reporting:
    • Simplified formatting of date fields in Custom Reporting filter boxes.
    • Added ability for custom reports to “prompt” the user for field criteria values when executing the report, useful for handling moving date ranges.
  • Data Import:
    • Added ability to run a conflict check on Potential Files, under Tools > Data Import > Potential Files.


  • Bank Account Recon:
    • Added logic to speed up generation of Reconciliation Spreadsheet, under Accounting > Bank Account Recon > Recon Spreadsheet.
  • Billing:
    • Added “Pay Now” link on outgoing client bills / invoices (must have Client Portal feature enabled, and use a certified payment processor, such as LawPay).
    • Added option to only include clients with overdue bills on the Billing Statement, under Accounting > Billing > Open Bills > Generate Statement.
    • Added ability to import a spreadsheet of billing records.
  • Checks:
    • Added Outside Counsel as a possible payee on Checks.
    • Added ability for CMP administrators to unselect other users’ checks, under Accounting > Checks > Print Checks.
    • Added date range to the Reprint Checks feature, under Accounting > Checks > Reprint Checks.
    • Added ability to include a Combined Check Report during check reprints, under Accounting > Checks > Reprint Checks.
  • Deposits:
    • Added ability to import a spreadsheet of deposit records.




  • Administration > Batch Programs > Batch Reviews:
    • Added ability to batch import reviews.
  • Setup > Document Templates:
    • Added document letterheads when “testing” a document template.
    • Ability to add an “ASK” document merge field for prompting users for additional information when merging a document.
    • Added new document merge fields for “CompanyEmailAddress”, “CompanyCityStateZip”, “CompanyAddressLine”, “AttorneyEmailAddress”, and “UserEmailAddress”.
  • Setup > System Maintenance:
    • Added ability to delete a case file.
    • Added ability to reset form security (if issues found).
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