Featured Enhancements

To maintain compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (Regulation F), we have created a sample
Model Debt Collection Validation Notice template (available from our support staff), along with new 4 new
Itemization Fields at the Case File > Account level (if needed), as well as the ability to notify the user
of the number of phone attempts per 7 days.

New feature to view all transactions that affect the client funds balance on a case file, found by clicking
the “Client Funds” label on the Case File > Financial > Transactions screen.

Please contact a CMP Representative for more information.

Case File

  • Accounts:
    • Added ability to show 4 Itemization fields per Account Type (to include Itemization Date, Itemization Amount, Post Itemization Credits, and Post Itemization Expenses) and added these fields to audit tracking, custom reporting, and as document merge fields. 
  • Financial:
    • Added Company level option to display the Misc. Costs balance bucket separately on the Case File > Financial > Balance overview screen, instead of lumping it in with the Costs bucket.  Please note, the Misc. Costs terminology can be customized. See Administration area below for more details.


  • Custom Reporting
    • New custom reporting field added:
      • Added the Additional “Contingent Suit Fee” rate to the “CaseFile” and “Client” fieldsets.


  • Lookups > Case File > Case Types
    • Added a “Has Mortgages?” option to Case Types to enable a new Mortgages screen for advanced Mortgage collection accounts.
  • Lookups > Documents > Document Expressions
    • Added ability for super administrators to set up “custom” / “special” document expressions for firms that pull customized data elements from the opponents / transactions / reviews areas.
  • Setup > Company > Advanced
    • Added feature to set the interest start date on Tax Motions (Additional Judgments) if this feature is enabled at the Company level.
    • Added feature to set default reviews on new case files at the Company level, to replace the default NFE review.
  • Setup > Terminology
    • Added Terminology field for changing wording of “Misc. Costs” balance bucket field found on the Case File > Financial > Balance > Detail screen.


  • Added Case Number to appear in the CMPFind screen for all searches.
  • Added “Account Placement Reference” as a search field in CMPFind.
  • New font “Wingdings” now available for document templates.
  • New document merge fields added:
    • CompanyWebsite
    • ClientAccountExecutiveInitials
    • TotalAdjustments
    • BankGarnWritIssueDate
    • BankGarnWritServiceDate
    • WageGarnWritIssueDate
    • WageGarnWritServiceDate
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