Featured Enhancements

Added ability to set up recurring payments via the “Take Payment” button on the
Case File > Main screen, if the payment processor allows them.

Added search / filter box to the CMP search results grid.

Please contact a CMP Representative for more information.

Case File

  • Main:
    • Added responsible attorney label under Case File > Main > Settings.
  • Opponents:
    • Added “Gender” dropdown to Opponent screen, and as a custom reporting / document merge field.
    • Added a “Copy” button to alternate addresses, under Case File > Opponents > Alternate Addresses.
    • Added prompt when deleting Alternate Addresses (under Case File > Opponents > Other Addresses) to send the address to the Bad Addresses grid.
    • Added “Returned Mail” checkbox to Case File > Opponents > Contact Card (if enabled).
  • Documents:
    • Added ability to generate barcodes (using IDAutomation font) from document templates.
    • Added a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Print option to documents, for when document / line formatting changes in the printed PDF.
  • Reviews:
    • Added Venue County as an optional field to view under My Reviews.


  • Clients:
    • New “Duplicate” button to duplicate a client and their company settings, under Contacts > Clients.
    • Added “Settings” button to client contact popup for quicker access to client settings.
    • Added ability to specify New Case File reviews under Contacts > Clients to override the default NFE review code used when opening new case files.


  • Added the ability to access client settings from the Accounting > Remittance screen.
  • Added bracket rate breakdowns to remittance report (if available).
  • Added logic to use Credit Card Account when adding checks (if this feature is enabled).



  • Added optional checkboxes for displaying the Collector / Paralegal (on the Case File > Main > Settings screen) under Administration > Setup > Company > Advanced.
  • Added “Show Returned Mail” option to Administration > Setup > Company > Advanced under Opponent Settings.



  • Added “Balance Amount” column field to CMP search results.
  • Updated Phone Number formatting to allow for international formats.
  • Added ability to send Two Factor Authentication codes to phone numbers outside the U.S.
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