Featured Enhancements

New ability to set up a Positive Pay Banking export option, under Tools > Data Export > Positive Pay
(must be enabled by a CMP administrator).
For more information on Positive Pay,
visit https://www.investopedia.com/terms/p/positive-pay.asp

Users now have the ability to to display a popup message to the user when certain document packages are generated
on a per case file basis, under Administration > Lookups > Document > Document Packages.

Please contact a CMP Representative for more information.

Case File

  • Activity:
    • Updated the Phone Call popup to not auto-select the “Call Direction” and to also auto-populate the “End Time”, instead of the “Start Time”. (Phone Call Logs must be enabled by a CMP administrator).
  • Reviews:
    • Added formatting to the Review Code dropdown list to display high / low priority items in red / blue respectively.
  • Financial > Billing > Unbilled:
    • New logic to show the current billing rate (for the client and / or user) when adding or editing new hourly billing entries (if available).


  • Added logic to sort the Contacts menu items alphabetically, for cases where the terminology of a Contact is renamed.  A Contact menu item can be renamed under Administration > Setup > Terminology > Contact Terms.
  • New ability to set up an “Hourly Rate” field that is stored within the Outside Counsel contact information (also known as Local counsel or Referral Attorney), under Contacts > Outside Counsels.  Note:  Hourly Rate field is located on the Outside Counsel > Other / Notes tab.


  • Custom Reporting:
    • Added CSS to make a Custom Report’s fields’ “Settings” menu (activated by clicking the gear icon) easier to navigate.
    • Added logic to support using the DATEADD feature for advanced date filters in Custom Reports.
    • Added logic to support advanced date functions in filters in Custom Reports, such as “TODAY()”, “GETSOM()” (start of month), and “GETEOM()” (end of month).
    • New Fields (and their respective fieldset):
      • Security Level (Notes, Images).
      • Entered Date (Transactions)
  • Data Import:
    • New logic to the Excel Placements import to force Account-level currency fields to be positive values, under Tools > Data Import > Excel Placements.
    • Added “Client Ref.” as an optional field to view in the potential files grid, under Tools > Data Import > Potential Files.
    • Added logic to speed up the You’ve Got Claims export process (if enabled by a CMP administrator), under Tools > Data Export > YGC.


  • Billing > Open Bills:
    • New ability to pay invoices / bills from retainer if there is enough money in the “Client Funds” balance for the case file which will create a check to reimburse the firm during the payment process.
    • Added a “Funds Available” column on the Open Bills grid to view if enough funds are available in Client Funds to cover the bill only if the bill is for a single case file.
    • Added a “Funds Available” report to the Open Bills screen for showing all open invoices / bills with enough funds available to cover the invoice amount (per file).
  • Checks > Renumber Checks
    • New logic to retain the “Check Date” between page posts when renumbering checks.
  • Deposits > Enter Deposits
    • Added the case file’s contingency rate to the case file popup that appears when entering a deposit.
    • New “Ref / Check” column field now appears on the deposit report.
  • Remittance
    • Added logic to run remittances based on an account-level contingency rate, so that two accounts on the same case file can have different non-bracketed contingency rates (must be enabled by a CMP administrator).


  • Lookups > Financial > Trans Types / Codes
    • New ability to set any “AF” (Attorney Fees) transaction “code” to allow hourly billing.
  • Added the ability to set a Retainer Payment’s transaction type / code for the check to reimburse the firm, when paying invoices / bills from retainer.
  • Setup > Company > Advanced
    • Added “JudgmentLienNumber” from the Case File > Litigation > Recording Counties tab as a field option for the Status Bar Template.
  • Setup > Document Templates:
    • New Merge fields:
      • BankruptcyTrustee* for when the trustee is based on a Trustee Contact (must be configured by a CMP administrator).
      • Forwarder* for when the client has a forwarder setup.
      • CurrentDateShort
      • Opponent2Alias
      • Opponent2Street
      • Opponent2Street2
      • Opponent2City
      • Opponent2State
      • Opponent2Zipcode


  • New logic to allow users to view more than 10 of the previously viewed case files if the files were accessed on the same day, via the “Last Case File Viewed List” button on the toolbar.
  • Added the “Lien Execution Number” as a search field in the CMPFind tool (if enabled by a CMP administrator).
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