Featured Enhancements

Added ability to import zipped images in batch, under Tools > Data Import > Imaging.

New “Deposit Warning” checkbox is now available within the Hold Codes setup. When checked,
the hold code popup message (if populated) will appear while entering a deposit for case files with that opponent
Hold Code, under Lookups > Opponent > Hold Codes.

Please contact a CMP Representative for more information.

Case File

  • Main
    • New popup feature for the Default User and Responsible Attorney fields to see email / phone numbers for these contacts, under Case File > Main.
    • Added the Case File’s Default User and Responsible Attorney email addresses to the Phonebook popup (if enabled in company settings).
    • Users now have the ability to send email via the Enhanced Email Automation popup (if enabled by a CMP administrator) when using the Phonebook popup if enabled in company settings.
  • Documents
    • Added ability to insert a textbox into a document sent out via DocuSign.
  • Activity
    • New “date picker” field is now available for the “Note Date” when adding or editing a Note.
  • Financial > Billing
    • Added the “Service Code” as a column in the Billing grids.
    • New logic to save the “grid state” (visible columns) for each individual screen when the same grid is used with different datasets, such as with the Unbilled / Billed / Paid / Voided data.
  • Financial > Transactions
    • New “date picker” field is now available when editing a transaction.


  • Contacts > Clients > Settings > Billing
    • Added “Billing Email Address” and “Billing Phone Number” fields to the client billing settings screen.
    • New invoice format of “Separate (with initials and 30 / 60 / 90 breakdown)” that includes a 30 / 60 / 90 breakdown at the bottom of the invoice.


  • Custom Reporting
    • Added the new custom reporting fieldset “Billing: Billed Breakdown” to include fields for 30 / 60 / 90 / etc. overdue invoice amounts.
  • Data Import:
    • Excel Placements
      • New ability to set the opponent’s “Guarantor” field when importing placement spreadsheets.
      • New “Referral Interest” and “Balance Adjustment, Miscellaneous Costs” as account-level fields that can be used in the Excel Placements import mappings.
    • Potential Files
      • Added the ability to set opponent’s “Guarantor” field when editing Potential Files.


  • Billing > Print Bills
    • New ability to “Lock All Billing” in CMPOnline to prevent all users (except for the current user) from adding, editing, deleting, printing, or finalizing bills.
  • Billing > Open Bills
    • New ability to send one or more “Open Bills” via email (if the Enhanced Email Automation is enabled) using a user-defined email template.
    • Added a new column for the CMP case file number (if only 1 per invoice) to the billing “Statement” report
  • Deposits > Enter Deposits
    • Added logic to the Deposit posting process to display a progress bar during the post.
  • Reports
    • Added “Deposit Type” and “Client Code” (when “Include File Numbers?” is selected) grid columns to the Deposit Listing reports.


  • Batch Programs > Open Files
    • New ability to open a group of case files via a custom report.
  • Lookups > Case File > Workflows
    • Added the ability to configure multiple sub-steps in Workflows.
  • Setup > Document Templates
    • Additional document merge fields for the Garnishment Number and Sheriff Office information under both the “BankGarn*” and “WageGarn*” headings.


  • New logic to search on the “File Note” field in the CMPFind.
  • Added a “Reply-To” email header to emails sent from CMP using the Enhanced Email Automation (must be enabled by a CMP administrator) to assist some of the receiving email clients with responding to the correct email address.
  • New logic to speed up the load time of Enhanced Email Automation email templates and SMS templates (both must be enabled by a CMP administrator).
  • Added the Case File’s Default User and Responsible Attorney email addresses to the Enhanced Email Automation popup (if enabled by a CMP administrator).
  • New ability to add billing from the CMP Outlook addin (must be enabled by a CMP administrator).
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