Featured Enhancements

New ability for a user to change the “Default” service code used when doing hourly billing via the CMP Billing Timer.
Found in User Preferences located top right of the application.
Only visible if Billing Timer is enabled.

Added the ability to rename and save Custom Reporting fields while in design view
of the report, under Tools > Custom Reporting.

Please contact a CMP Representative for more information.

Case File

  • Main:
    • Updated the opponent’s “Contact Name” (if a company) to the Opponent Information area on the Case File > Main screen.
    • Added the “Outside Counsel” information (if populated) to the Phonebook popup dialog, on the Case File > Main screen.
    • Added “Contingency Rate” to the Audits, on the Case File > Main > Settings tab.
    • New ability to show the Client’s “Case File Warning Message” as a fixed alert box instead of a popup dialog that must be clicked to close when initially loading a Case File (this feature must be enabled by an administrator), under Case File > Main.
  • Litigation:
    • Increased the “Judgment Description” maximum field length from 100 to 250 characters.  Can be enabled from the Administration > Setup > Company > Advanced screen.
  • Reviews: 
    • Updated the Case File closure process to use the greater of the review code’s “days advanced” or 30 days, when adding closure reviews to the Case File.
  • Financial:
    • New ability to view voided invoices, under Case File > Financial > Billing.
    • Updated the ability to split an unremitted debtor payment (must be enabled by an administrator) into 2 different transactions (for the purposes of partial misapplied or NSF payments), under Case File > Financial > Transactions.


  • Counties:
    • Increased size of the “Circuit” field from 11 to 20 characters, under Contacts > Counties.
  • Clients:
    • Additional popover help information added on the Remittance tab, under Contacts > Clients > Settings.
    • Updated popover help information to the “Additional Contingent Suit Fee with Suit” fields on the Contacts > Clients > Settings screen and the Case File > Main > Settings tab.
    • Updated the “EDI Codes” / Mappings in the Contacts > Clients > Settings > EDI Codes area to use a popup dialog, speeding up the entry of EDI Codes.
    • Added the ability to add EDI Mappings to Payment Forms, under the Contacts > Clients > Settings > EDI Codes area.


  • Batch Documents:
    • Updated the Tools > Batch Documents grid to the new CMP-style grid layout.
    • New ability to Auto-Verify documents during batch document processing.
    • Added the “Case Number” and “Opponent Name” as optional columns.
  • Data Import:
    • Adjusted the Potential Files popup so that users do not have to SAVE and reopen new potential files to add accounts / opponents.
  • Custom Reporting:
    • Added Post Dated Checks fieldset (must be enabled by an administrator).


  • Billing:
    • Updated the billing / invoice formats’ “Bill To” boxes to automatically grow / shrink when including address line 2 details or long company names.
    • Added the ability to void and un-void an invoice, under Accounting > Billing > Open Bills and Accounting > Billing > Voided Bills.
    • Billing > Open Bills > Enter Payment:
      • Added additional information fields.
      • Updated ability to set the Payment Form on deposits when Create Deposits is checked.
      • New ability to enter a single payment on multiple invoices at the same time.
  • Checks:
    • Added an informational popover to the Combined Checks field when entering checks.
    • New ability to renumber checks, under Accounting > Checks > Renumber Checks.


  • Administration > Batch Programs:
    • New ability to mass update the “Branch” field on the Case File > Main screen, under Administration > Batch Programs > Branch Updates.
  • Administration > Lookups > Document Packages:
    • Added the ability for CMPOnline to calculate a Document Condition using a Document Expression field.
  • Administration > Setup > Document Templates:
    • New Document Merge Fields:
      • “Domestication Date” (from the Case File > Litigation screen).
      • “AccountLargestValue” (pulls the largest Principal Claim Amount value across all of the accounts on the case file).
      • “Judgment Description” (if enabled as a document merge field).
  • Administration > Company > Accounting tab:
    • Added the ability to set up a review to be added to a Case File when money is received on that file due to a bill payment from the Accounting > Billing > Open Bills > Enter Payment screen.
    • New check format for “Three Checks to a Page”.
  • Administration > System Maintenance:
    • New ability to Reassign Reviews based on the client.
  • Miscellaneous: 
    • Added the ability to bypass all “Accounting”-related system checks, except unremitted payments (must be enabled by an administrator) during the Case File closure process.
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