Featured Enhancements

Added ability to upload PDF forms to Administration > Setup > Document Templates for document merging.

Added ability to batch import activity notes, under Administration > Batch Programs > Batch Notes.

Case File

  • Main Screen:
    • Added ability to specify a contingency rate bucket breakdown under Case File > Main > Settings.
  • Documents Screen:
    • Added custom icons for Send to Imaging / Send via Email under Case File > Documents > Generate Document for faster load time.
    • Updated Enhanced Email Automation to automatically image the current document along with the email when sending an email from the Case File > Documents screen.
    • Added ability to merge CMP fields into PDF form fields during the Case File > Document merge process.
    • Added Document Letterhead features to setup and insert a document letterhead into the document templates during the merge process.
    • Added ability for document merge logic to handle “ASK” fields when merging or testing a document (does not apply to batch documents).
    • Added UserName as document merge field, which houses the current user’s login name.
  • Imaging:
    • Added ability to attach CMP Images or External Images to emails that are sent using the Enhanced Email Automation.
  • Financial > Checks
    • Added Payee Type to Case File > Financial > Checks
  • Financial > Transactions:
    • Updated logic for tracking Cost Account balance (along with client funds) at the file-level, if enabled.



  • Bank Account Recon:
    • Added ability to change the clear date on checks or deposits under Accounting > Bank Account Recon > Tools.
    • Added feature to track Income / Expense Accounts for Operating Account balancing.
  • Remittance:
    • Added ability to run a remittance for only Direct Payments transactions, under Accounting > Remittance.
    • Added feature to specify if the remittance process will bill for fees on direct payments (rather than deduct them from the check), under Contacts > Client > Settings > Accounting Settings.
  • Checks:
    • Added ability to reprint a check range, under Accounting > Checks > Reprint Checks.
    • Added ability to rebuild a Quickbooks checks import file, under Accounting > Checks > Reprint Checks.
  • Deposits:
    • Added ability for Super Administrators and System Administrators to view, edit, delete and update other users’ deposits, under Accounting > Deposits.
  • Reports:
    • Added Profit and Loss Report for Operating Account balancing.



  • Added Administration > Batch Programs > Close Files screen for mass closing of files.
  • Added Email Groups for the Enhanced Email Automation, setup under Administration > Lookups > Document > Email Groups.
  • Updated Administration > Lookups > Financial > Trans Types / Codes to use new grid format for easier navigation.
  • Added ability to upload PDF forms to your Administration > Setup > Document Templates area for document merging.
  • Added ability to batch import activity notes, under Administration > Batch Programs > Batch Notes.


General Enhancements

  • Added feature to save the grid search to newer CMP-style grids. Click the beside the search box to enable this feature.
  • Added logic to handle Canadian zip codes (if your system is configured for this).
  • Added logic to ask to save the case file (if needed) when the Logout button is pressed.
  • Added fields and logic to handle Foreign Judgments / Domestications in the State of Florida.
  • Added ability to resize the CMPFind screen horizontally.


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