Featured Enhancements

Enhanced ability to view, print, and delete other users’ batch documents,
under Tools > Batch Documents.

Users can now update their own email signatures via the User Preferences area,
or administrators can configure all users’ default email signature,
under Administration > Security > Users, if the Enhanced Email Automation is enabled.

Please contact a CMP Representative for more information.

Case File

  • Main:
    • Added activity “comment” field to the “Last Legal Status” that is reported on the Case File > Main > Case Information screen.
    • New warning/confirmation message when changing the client field under Case File > Main > Case Information.
  • Accounts:
    • New optional field for Itemization Date on the Case File > Accounts screen.  This field can be enabled in the Lookups > Account > Account Types area by editing the specific account type and checking the “Show Itemization Date?” checkbox.
    • Added ability to change the Itemization Date field and the Referral Interest field labels based on the Account Type, setup under Administration > Lookups > Account > Account Types.
  • Opponents:
    • New optional “simple” garnishment screen which includes fields for Garnishment Number and Expiry Date on the Case File > Opponents > Garnishments area, enabled under Administration > Setup > Company > Advanced.
    • New fields for policy number and adjuster phone number on the Case File > Opponents > Insurance Companies screen.
    • Enhanced ability to add a new insurance company to the dropdown on the Case File > Opponents > Insurance Companies screen.
    • Added ability to track multiple Aliases per Opponent, under the Case File > Opponents > Other Details tab.
  • Activity:
    • Added ability to view a transaction’s check number from the Case File > Activity screen if Transactions are visible, setup under Administration > Setup > Company > Advanced.
    • New feature to deactivate an activity code so that it doesn’t appear in dropdowns, setup under Administration > Lookups > Case File > Activity Codes.
  • Documents: 
    • Added feature to the Case File > Documents > DocuSign process so that, once the document is signed, follow-up reviews are assigned to the person who requested the signature, instead of the default user on the case file.
  • Financial:
    • Billing:
      • New “Paid” Summary Breakdown box added to the Case File > Financial > Billing screen under the Paid selection.
    • Transactions:
      • New fields for Outside Counsel Fees Calculated/Deducted on the transaction level located under the Remittance Details section.
      • Added field for tracking the responsible user on a DP/debtor payment transaction, automatically set to the default user for the case file located under the Advanced section.


  • Updated Finalize Check process to report processing status to user with a progress bar, under Accounting > Checks > Print Checks.
  • Added field for Outside Counsel fees on the Deposit screen, enabled under Administration > Setup > Company > Accounting.
  • New company setting for toggling ability to view/set Responsible User on the Deposits screen when entering deposits.
  • Added feature to split Deposits between Manually entered records and records automatically entered by the system when using the Take Payment button or the Payment Portal.


  • Added ability to open case files in batch, under Administration > Batch Programs > Open Files.
  • Added feature for Super Administrators to enable/disable the Enhanced Email Automation feature by user, setup under Administration > Security > Users.
  • Added logic to built-in reports to properly format currency and date fields and added Subtotals to the popup box when editing these reports.
  • Added feature to prevent activity note edits/deletes and image edits/deletes, based on security group and number of minutes since created, setup under Administration > Setup > Company > Advanced and under Administration > Security > Groups.
  • Added feature to require the opponent/debtor name to be entered with specific activity codes, setup under Administration > Lookups > Case File > Activity Codes.
  • Administration > Setup > Company > Advanced:
    • Added ability to bold the Guarantor name on the menu and main screen.
    • Added company option for setting the default remittance report to use on new clients.
    • New company setting for toggling visibility of the “Consumer Debt” checkbox on the Case File > Main screen, which allows for tracking of telephone contact attempts.
    • Added logic to track/report on debtor contact attempts on “Consumer Debt” files, based on the activity code setup.


  • Enhanced ability to start case file numbering at a specific number instead of the next highest number (see a CMP Representative to configure this feature for you).
  • Added CSS/Javascript to Enhanced Email Automation popup to allow for resizing of this window vertically and decreased initial window size.
  • Added fields for changing the calendar “Subject” and “Location” when sending Outlook calendar invites through the Review system, setup under Administration > Setup > Company > Advanced.
  • New document merge fields added:
    • OpposingAttorneyEmailAddress2 
    • OpposingAttorneyEmailAddress3
  • New custom reporting fields added:
    • Outside Counsel Rate
    • Opponents Count (to the CaseFile fieldset)
    • Guarantor (to the Opponents fieldset)
    • Responsible User (to the Transactions fieldset)
    • Entered Date/Hour (to the File Footprints fieldset)
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