Featured Enhancements

Added an optional Popup Message field to the Case File > Main > Settings tab to provide a popup message when the
case file is loaded or refreshed.

New ability to save / load client filters on the Accounting > Remittance and Accounting > Billing > Print Bills screens.

Please contact a CMP Representative for more information.

Case File

  • Main
    • New features to the “Take Payment” button on the Case File > Main screen (if the firm is setup to take payments in this way) to automatically add an activity note and PDF receipt for the payment.  Note, this must be configured by an administrator.
    • Added the Opponent Number to the Payment History popup, under the Case File > Main > Case Information tab.
  • Accounts:
    • New account-level field “Deficiency Balance Date” for accounts with Deficiency information, shown
      under Case File > Accounts.
    • Converted the “Account Description” dropdown on the Case File > Accounts screen to a “Select2” searchable dropdown. 
  • Review: 
    • Added “Past Due” option to the My Reviews area filters.
  • Financial:
    • New warning when voiding a check from the Case File > Financial > Transactions area related to combined checks.


  • New Active / Inactive / All toggle on the Contacts > Clients screen.
  • Added “Pooled Admin File Number” and “Pooled Minimum Trust Balance” fields to
    the Contacts > Clients > Settings > Accounting tab for handling pooled client remittances.


  • Verify Documents:
    • New Client Company Name and Opponent Name columns are now available.
    • Added ability to show / hide fields by clicking on the top right “eye” icon.
  • Custom Reporting:
    • New custom reporting fields added within the following fieldsets:
      • Opponent fieldset
        • Driver’s License
      • Transaction balance fieldset (must be enabled by a CMP administrator)
        • Principal
        • Interest
        • Costs
        • Fees


  • Added additional logic to store Check address fields when finalizing a check in CMPOnline for later voiding the check or running custom reports on this data.
  • New ability to reissue checks back to the print queue when voiding a check, under Accounting > Checks > Void Check.
  • Added Client code as a column when entering checks, under Accounting > Checks > Enter Checks.
  • New “AppendClientReferenceToAccountNumberOnChecks” as a company setting to include the client’s reference number next to the account number on all check formats.  Note, this must be configured by an administrator.
  • Created a “Billing Hold Listing” report to the Accounting > Billing > Print Bills area for viewing
    files / transactions with a billing hold.


  • Lookups > Financial > Service Codes
    • Added “Allow Zero Amount” checkbox under to allow for zero dollar amounts when adding unbilled entries on a case file.
  • Reporting > Payments
    • Redesigned the Payments area to include new filters and graphs.
  • Security > Users
    • Increased length of the attorney user’s “Bar Number” field from 7 characters to 20 characters.
  • Setup > Company > Advanced:
    • Added the ability to turn off the required field of “Responsible Attorney” from the Case File > Main > Settings tab.
    • New ability to turn the File Note to RED on the Case File > Main screen.
    • Updated Company Setting for displaying the “Branch” field on the Case File > Main screen.


  • New logic to execute Zapier “zaps” when adding new clients to the system.
  • New “test popups” option to the User Preferences area.
  • Added “Alt-0” hotkey to move to the “Enter Case File Number” field in the top right of all screens.
  • Added “Alt-1” through “Alt-9” hotkeys for accessing the screens listed in your Favorites.  The numbers correspond to the order of the screens listed in Favorites.
  • New CMPFind fields added:
    • Driver’s License
    • Vehicle Name on Title
  • New document merge fields added:
    • OpponentVehicleColor
    • OpponentVehicleLoanCompany
    • OpponentVehicleMake
    • OpponentVehicleModel
    • OpponentVehicleTagNumber
    • OpponentVehicleVIN
    • OpponentVehicleYear
    • The following is for New Jersey law firms and must be enabled by an administrator
      • WritExecutionDate
      • WritExpiryDate
      • WritRate
      • WritPayee
      • WritPayeeFullName
      • WritPayeeCompanyName
      • WritPayeeFirstName
      • WritPayeeLastName
      • WritPayeeStreet
      • WritPayeeStreet2
      • WritPayeeCity
      • WritPayeeState
      • WritPayeeZipcode
      • WritPayeePhoneNum
      • WritPayeeEmailAddress
      • WritPayeeCountry
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