Featured Enhancements

Added ability to make outgoing phone calls automatically from the application.

Note: Please contact a CMP representative for more information.

Case File

  • Main Case File Screen:
    • New popup when clicking on the word “Client” above the client name.
      • Popup includes the contact details allowing the user to copy addresses, phone numbers, etc. and to also allow the user to email the client by clicking on the email address if one is available.
      • User can also click “Details” for full client details and settings.
      • This feature is also available for other contacts throughout the Case File screens (i.e. Judges, Attorneys, etc.)
    • Added ability to search all email addresses in Find Case File screen, found under Advanced Find.
  • Debtors/Opponents Screen:
    • Added additional email addresses to Debtors and moved all email fields to the debtor Contact Card.
    • Added Debtor Email Address to Audit Logs.
    • Added Arrangement slider to Debtors > Financials > Calculator and cleaned up logic / fixed print feature.
    • Added logic to Debtor > Financials to auto select “Default” when there are no other records available.
  • Litigation:
    • Added logic to Litigation > Recording Counties to auto select “Default” when there are no other records available.
  • Reviews list:
    • Added Opponent Name as one of the available columns.
    • Added ability to show/hide fields and re-order columns.
    • Added searchable dropdown to Review Code and Assigned To fields.
    • Added “date picker” (by clicking calendar icon) on date fields in the Add Review screen and elsewhere.
  • Debtors/Opponents Screen: Moved Debtor’s Hold Code / Date to Contact tab, and converted to “toggle field” format.
  • Imaging: Fixed sort in Case File > Imaging to sort by document date.
  • Transactions:  Reorganized the Transaction screen popup screen to move fields into categories.



  • Added ability to reprint a range of bills under Accounting > Billing > Open Bills.
  • Added feature to Accounting > Billing > Print Bills to filter the bills to print on the case file’s default user.
  • Added Accounting > Billing > Paid Bills in place of “Unpay Bill” with the ability to view, reprint, and unpay paid bills.
  • Removed today’s date as default from Accounting > Bank Account Recon > Clear Checks / Deposits to prevent posting errors.



  • Added ability to Administration > Security > Form to mark an entire form as read-only, instead of doing this field by field.
  • Added feature to add a “popup message” to hold codes that appear when you first load a file with that hold code.


General Enhancements

  • Added additional email addresses to all Contacts.
  • Added focus to “Ok” button on Delete confirmation popups
  • Added popup to confirm dialing a phone number out of CMPOnline (only available with optional dialer add-on).
  • Added searchable dropdown to Judges, Counties, and Activity Code.
  • Added ability to export Bills and Checks to QuickBooks IIF files. Note: Please contact a CMP representative to enable this feature.
  • Added Link Buttons to form security options.


My Reviews

  • My Reviews “counter” now only counts reviews up to today.
  • Added ability to show/hide fields and re-order columns on the My Reviews screen.
  • Added ability to receive daily emails with your review list (past, due today) to Administration > Security > Users. Note: You must have an e-mail address specified for the user in question.



  • Transactions:
    • Added ability to add balance adjustments from within the Transactions screen.
    • Added ability to add bank adjustments from within the Transactions screen for IOLTA transactions and bank service charges.
      • Note: this is only available if enabled for the case file’s case type.
      • To enable, go to Administration > Lookups > Case File > Case Types, and check “Allow Bank Adjs?”
      • When checked this will enables the “Bank Adjustment” button on the Case File > Transactions screen.
    • Checks:
      • Added E-Portal / Check Number to the check detail screen (so that the user can preset the e-check number when printing checks).
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