Featured Enhancements

New ability to “Favorite” a page by clicking the STAR icon on the left side of the CMPOnline ribbon, along with
a Favorites icon in the header to access your favorite pages.

Added an option to maintain a Fixed Header, leaving the top menu frozen while scrolling, configured under
the User Preferences area.

Please contact a CMP Representative for more information.

Case File

  • Main
    • New drilldowns for various case file settings options (Payment Hierarchy, Interest Method, Interest Bucket, Contingency Rate Bucket), under the Case File > Main > Settings tab.
    • Added a company setting for displaying the contingency rate buckets on the Case File > Main > Settings tab, disabled by default, configured under the Administration > Setup > Company > Advanced tab.
  • Accounts:
    • Enhanced ability to view the current interest method on an account if the Contract Rate is left blank.
  • Opponents:
    • Added an opponent-level Process Server dropdown field which is used for Checks and Document Merging, under the Case File > Opponents > Litigation tab.
    • Enhanced ability to track Post Dated Checks for future debtor payments, per opponent, and load them to the Deposit screen, under Case File > Opponents, (must be enabled by an administrator). 
  • Litigation:  
    • New Suit “Misc” bucket, available under Case File > Litigation, (must be enabled by an administrator).
    • Enhanced ability to track Writ Executions on the Case File > Litigation screen, with commissions fees calculated / paid to Court Officers / Sheriffs during a deposit and remittance, (must be enabled by an administrator).
  • Imaging:
    • New ability to change an Image’s Imaging Description if the company setting is NOT set to using unique numbers for storing images, under Case File > Imaging.
  • Financial:
    • Added a Bank Account column as an optional field on the Checks grid, under Case File > Financial > Checks.
    • New Payment Form column in the Transaction History grid, under Case File > Financial > Transactions.
    • Updated message during the “Void / NSF” process if the original transaction already has a remittance date on it, under Case File > Financial > Transactions.
    • New popup for Client Funds / Trust Account balance tracking (if enabled) on the Case File > Financial > Balance screen.
    • Added ability to print a case file’s Client Funds balance report within the Client Funds popup, under
      Case File > Financial > Transactions and Case File > Financial > Balance screens.


  • Rebuilt the Process Server contact so that it was no longer tied to the county and added an optional field for Default Process Server to the county, under Contacts > Counties.
  • New “Pro-Rata Multiple Account Payment Distribution” field on the Client Settings screen to split payments entered on the Deposit screen for multi-count cases in a pro-rata fashion, under the Contacts > Clients > Settings > Accounting / Remittance tab.
  • Added ability to set a client-wide case file warning message when loading a case file for a particular client, setup under Contacts > Clients > Settings.


  • Added additional fields to the Excel Placements import to include Account UDFs, Opponent UDFs, and various fields from the Case File > Main > Settings tab, under Tools > Data Import > Excel Placements.
  • Updated Excel Placements field listing to use the correct terminology as set up by the firm for all applicable fields, under Tools > Data Import > Excel Placements.
  • New checkbox on the Verify Documents screen to optionally use the Document Created Date when verifying a document vs. today’s date, under Tools > Verify Documents.
  • Redesigned the Verify Documents screen, under Tools > Verify Documents.
  • Added ability to select “ALL USERS” from the Tools > Batch Documents dropdown to view all batch documents in the print queue.
  • Custom Reporting:
    • New custom reporting fields added within the following fieldsets:
      • Case File fieldset
        • Guarantor Count
        • Account Count 
      • Billing: Paid fieldset
        • Payment Reference
      • Transaction fieldset
        • Opponent State (based on the transaction’s selected opponent)


  • New Remittance Hold report which displays all files / transactions that are currently on remittance hold,
    under Accounting > Remittance (print hold listing).
  • Added a regular expression search option (RegEx Search?) to the “Select Clients” grid on the remittance screen, under Accounting > Remittance.
  • New ability to export a “Bank Ledger” excel spreadsheet / report, under Accounting > Reports.
  • Enhanced ability to enter a payment reference / check number when entering a bill payment,
    under Accounting > Billing > Open Bills > Enter Payment.  New “Payment Reference” field is also visible on
    the Case File > Financial > Billing > Paid and
    Accounting > Billing > Paid Bills screens.


  • New ability to add a transaction when entering an activity note, configured under
    Administration > Lookups > Case File > Activity Codes.
  • Added ability to setup Contact Classification Codes (under Administration > Lookups > Contact > Classification Codes) and apply one or more of them to certain contacts (Banks, Clients, Employers, Opposing Attorneys, Outside Counsels, Misc Contacts, and Process Servers) on the appropriate popup or drilldown.
  • Added “Egyptian Pound” to the currency format dropdown on the Administration > Setup > Company > Accounting screen.
  • Added “MiscDropdown” as an available field in the Status Bar settings, configured under
    Administration > Setup > Company > Advanced.
  • Added “Use Default User for Reviews on File Open” company level setting, under the
    Administration > Setup > Company > Advanced.
  • Enhanced company setting for the Default Outside Counsel Payment Form to use when entering a deposit on a case file with an Outside Counsel, configured under Administration > Setup > Company > Accounting.
  • Added ability to change CMPOnline’s Date Formatting for the entire firm, (must be enabled by an administrator).


  • New document merge fields added:
    • Opponent2AddressBlock
    • Opponent3AddressBlock
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