Featured Enhancements

Added ability to send outgoing emails from the application, to include email template merging,
automatic email imaging, and automatic case file notation.

Added ability for Clients and Outside Counsel to login to CMPOnline.

Note: Please contact a CMP representative for more information and to configure your system.

Case File

  • Main Case File Screen:
    • Added Closure Detail information on closed files to the Main Case File screen
    • Added ability to view, add, edit, and delete Case File Reviews on the Case File > Main screen by clicking the bell icon in the top-right corner
    • Added expandable area for viewing account details on Case File > Main > (Case Information) screen
    • Added new Contacts > Outside Counsels, which can be set on the Case File > Main > (Settings) screen
  • Debtors/ Opponents Screen:
    • Added Registered Agent Information to Case File > Opponents for opponents who are companies / corporations
    • Added feature to Case File > Debtors to “edit address”, which presents a popup to add the old address to the Bad Addresses grid automatically
    • Added required field logic to Case File > Debtors > (Financials) payment arrangement fields
  • Organized fields on the Case File > Bankruptcy screen into manageable sections
  • Changed method that new case file numbers are assigned by the system, so that the application asks you for the new case file number after you have entered the main case file data
  • Changed “Related Files” shortcut on Case File > Main > (Main Information) screen to only appear if there are problems or related files
  • Added a Problems / Related Files check to the nightly jobs for all files


  • Billing:
    • Added Totals label to Case File > Financial > Billing
  • Transactions:
    • Added ability to “Transfer Funds” between case files on the Case File > Financials > Transactions screen
    • Added Opponent Number to the Case File > Financial > Transactions grid
    • Added show/hide columns to Case File > Activity and Case File > Financial > Transactions screens



  • Updated Contacts to use new grid format
  • Added show/hide columns to all Contacts screens
  • Added popover to all Contacts > Contact Object to show the appropriate code to use when adding a new Contact


Tools > Batch Documents

  • Updated Batch Documents’ custom report dropdown to be sorted by report type and alphabetical order


Tools > Custom Reporting

  • Added Fieldset and Field descriptions to Custom Reporting when building a Custom Report
  • Added ability to click a column in Custom Reporting > (Build) to see the fieldset and field description for that field
  • Added ability to hover over fields to Custom Reporting when building a Custom Report to see the source fieldset for the field
  • Added feature to generate a Bar Graph or Pie Chart from your Custom Reports after clicking “Execute”
  • Added Aggregate options of Average, Count, and Sum/Total to Tools > Custom Reporting > (Build)
  • Increased Custom Reporting load speed when Client Security is enabled
  • Added “Litigation Status” fields to Custom Reporting in the CaseFile fieldset
  • Added “Outside Counsel” fieldset and fields to Custom Reporting
  • Added “Default Reports” to Custom Reporting for CMPOnline system reports
  • Added filter box to Custom Reporting > (Build) area for filtering field listing
  • Added ability to right-click a custom report column to rename it after clicking “Execute”


  • Added feature Accounting > Billing > Enter Billing for quicker entry of bills
  • Added feature Accounting > Checks > Enter Checks for quicker entry of checks
  • Added feature Accounting > Checks > Reprint Checks
  • Added new “Check in Middle” check format



  • Added feature to Administration > Setup > System Maintenance to “re-code” an existing client code to a new client code
  • Added Collateral and Mortgage Collateral fields to Case File > Accounts screen for Case Types that have collateral (Administration > Lookups > Case File > Case Types)
  • Added ability to rename an existing Debt Type via Administration > Lookups > Account > Debt Types
  • Added ability to “Disable Login” for a system user under Administration > Security > Users
  • Reorganized Administration > Lookups > Case File > Case Types screen, and added a hover-over help information message for each field


General Enhancements

  • Added Last Letter Date / Name and Last Pleading Date / Name to the document merge fields
  • Added popup to document screen when generating a document from Case File > Documents to Send To Imaging (even when the Imaging Description is not set on the Document Package)
  • Added validation to all email address fields
  • Added all “Outside Counsel” fields as merge fields for document generation
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