Featured Enhancements

Added ability to set up Workflows which automate reviews and tasks.
Workflows are set up under Administration > Lookups > Case File > Workflows.

Added ability to send case file redirects (if enabled) into specific users’ CMPOnline
(for use with external links, Zapier, and more).

Please contact a CMP Representative for more information.

Case File

  • Main:
    • Added ability to edit the Client Contact (if enabled) details and send emails directly from the initial popup.
    • Added additional Commercial Rates / Suit Fees line at the case file level, under Case File > Main > Settings.
  • Litigation:
    • Added additional County / Circuit / “Other” level, under Case File > Litigation, along with terminology for this new field (if enabled).
  • Review:
    • Added + icon to Review popup to add specific number of days to today’s date as the Date Due under Case File > Reviews > Add Review.
  • Problems:
    • Added Conflict File Number’s Status Code to the Problems grid.


  • Clerks:
    • Added ability to save images to a clerk, under Contacts > Clerks > Imaging.


  • Custom Reporting:
    • Added “Show Grand Total” option after executing a custom report to total currency columns, under Tools > Custom Reporting > Execute.
    • New custom reporting field added:
      • Opponent’s “Birth Date”


  • Added Deposit Batch ID “End” field (for deposit batch id ranges) when “fixing” clear dates, under Accounting > Bank Account Recon > Tools.
  • Added logic to group deposit entries when entering a payment for an open bill with Create Deposit checked, under Accounting > Billing > Open Bills > Enter Payment.
  • Added “Client Funds Transfer by File” reporting to the Trust Reconciliation Spreadsheet, under Accounting > Bank Account Recon > Recon Spreadsheet.
  • Added deposit warning when posting a Client Funds transaction on files with outstanding billing, under Accounting > Deposits > Enter Deposits.
  • Added Billing “Statement Terms” and “Statement Footer Text” fields for billing reports (Invoices and Statements). New fields are located on the Administration > Setup > Company > Accounting screen and also on the Contacts > Client > Settings > Billing Address / Settings screen.


  • Added logic to customize the status bar text, under Administration > Setup > Company > Advanced.
  • Added all client contacts to the email address dropdown in the Enhanced Email Automation.
  • New document merge fields added:
    • JudgeSalutation
    • AllOpponentsNamesWithAlias
    • BankGarnBank* – Multiple merge fields for the bank’s address
  • Updated document fragments so that they support account / opponent repeaters.


  • Added ability to use the Enhanced Email Automation with any contact dialog box or drilldown / detail screen.
  • Added ability to add / remove case file reviews automatically when an email template is used while sending an email (in the Enhanced Email Automation feature).
  • Added ability to send emails to Sub-Contacts via their popup dialogs.
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