Featured Enhancements

Added ability to send all accounting “reports”
(Checks, Bills, Deposits, Remits) as an outgoing email (in an attachment).

Note: Please contact a CMP representative for more information about
this add-on feature and to configure your system.

Case File

  • Accounts Screen:
    • Added Referral Interest field to the Case File > Accounts screen for tracking (can also add the interest as a balance adjustment).
  • Documents Screen:
    • Added feature to send Documents to Imaging in DOCX format after generating a document (located under File – Send to Imaging).
    • Added spell checker to documents with ability to correct misspelled words by right-clicking on the word. This is also available when setting up document templates.
  • Problems Screen:
    • Added new jurisdictional limits for Florida when checking Case File > Problems.
  • Debtors > Garnishment Screen:
    • New screen to track status of bank and wage garnishments located under Debtors > More > Garnishments.
      • Users can quickly add employers and banks from within this screen.
      • Garnishment fields are also available as merge fields.



  • Added Attorney Bar Number fields to Opposing Attorney, Outside Counsel, and Trustee contacts (located in the “Other/Notes” tab). These fields are also available as document merge fields and custom reporting fields.
  • Added ability to store phone number extensions inside all Contacts phone number fields Example: (904) 555-1234 x 111.
  • Added “With Payment Dates” option to the Client’s Remit Report dropdown (found under Contacts > Clients > Settings > Accounting Settings).


Tools > Custom Reporting

  • Added buttons to Tools > Custom Reporting > Build next to column names included in your report for additional clarity on options.
  • Added back-end feature so that Tools > Custom Reporting reports can be retrieved after deletion.
  • Added All Opponent Names and All Opponent Names (reverse) to Tools > Custom Reporting field list.
  • Added ability to add / view / update / delete other users’ Custom Reporting reports, if you are a CMP administrator user.



  • Added Remit Report type to the Accounting > Remittance grid.



  • Added ability to toggle the visibility of the balance screen for specific case types, under Administration > Lookups > Case File > Case Types.
  • Added ability to set a Transaction Code’s “Affect Client Funds” or “Affect Costs To Remit” flags under Lookups > Financial > Trans Types/Codes.
  • Documents Templates (Administration > Setup > Document Templates):
    • Added ability to upload signature files for system users (under Administration > Security > Users) which can then be used in Document Templates for auto-signing.
    • Added popovers to document merge field names when setting up a new document template to provide more details on that field.
    • Added CurrentDateLong as a document merge field with format “MMMM dd, yyyy” (ex. September 25, 2020).
    • Added ability to specify that a Document Component (part of a document package) has an “Account Repeater”, which will repeat account-based text / merge fields inside of a document template during the merge process.
    • Added ability to specify that a Document Component (part of a document package) has an “Opponent Repeater”, which will repeat opponent-based text / merge fields inside of a document template during the merge process.
    • Allowed upload of .dot and .dotx files through the Administration > Setup > Document Templates area.


General Enhancements

  • Added feature to save your left-hand navigation menu state (minified or expanded) between pages.
  • Added ability to specify Imaging Description and Activity Code used when sending emails.
  • Added features to support Louisiana-style Attorney Fees on Deposits and Contract Variable Rate Interest Methods (for balance calculations).
  • Added ability to search within the text content of uploaded images (PDF, DOC/DOCX, etc.).
  • Added ability to bypass the system adding a note and a review to the case file when a payment is made on a file without a payment arrangement.
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