Featured Enhancements

New Outlook Addin that integrates with Microsoft Outlook versions 2010 and newer
allowing users to send their emails directly to CMPOnline’s Imaging system.

Added ability to accept credit card and/or ACH payments at the case file level
(if you have an approved, active payment processor).

Please contact a CMP Representative for more information.

Case File

  • Main:
    • Added Collector and Paralegal fields to Case File > Main > Settings, and included these fields in custom reporting.
    • Added ability to add new “Outside Counsels” from the Case File > Main > Settings page.
    • Added ability to view the Contact Details screen when clicking on the “Outside Counsel”.
  • Subrogation:
    • Added ability to add a new Insurance Company.
    • Added Insured First/Last names to CMPFind’s “Subrogation” fields when searching for a file.
    • Added ability to view the Contact Details screen when clicking on the “Defendant’s Insurance Company”.
  • Opponents/Debtors:
    • Added ability to send and receive SMS messages with Opponents, under Case File > Opponents (must be configured by a CMP representative).
  • Activity:
    • Added button to COPY an activity note’s text, under Case File > Activity (bottom left of screen).
    • Added ability to track File Footprints (any user who accessed the case file), from the Case File > Activity screen (must be turned on by a CMP representative).
  •  Documents:
    • Added “OutsideCounselRate” and “ContingencyRate” as document merge fields.
    • Added Insurance Company Claim Number (from Case File > Subrogation area) as a document merge field.
    • Added new fonts to document templates area (“Lucida Handwriting”, “Bradley Hand ITC”, “Edwardian Script ITC”).
  • Imaging:
    • Added “Select All/None” buttons when packaging images, under Case File > Imaging.
    • Added Original File Name to the Case File > Imaging grid
    • Updated Case File > Imaging grid to the newer grid format with options to filter and change column visibility.
    • Added feature to display “images” of type PNG, JPG, GIF in new browser window (instead of downloading), under Case File > Imaging.
    • Added checkbox option to display Image Thumbnails in the Imaging grid (for file types PNG, JPG, GIF), under Case File > Imaging.
    • Added “File Size” field to Case File > Imaging.
  • Financial > Transactions:
    • Added ability to specify a Check Memo on Bank Adjustments (for control files).



  • Added a “Country” field to all Opponents and Opponent-related addresses, as well as Contact Agents (must be turned on by a CMP Representative), for international support.
  • Added Account Co-Executive to Contacts > Clients > Settings.



  • Custom Reporting:
    • Added “Client Inactive” field to Tools > Custom Reporting field list (under Client fieldset).
    • Added correct Custom Report “title” to reports exported to PDF or printed, under Tools > Custom Reporting > Execute.
    • Updated Tools > Custom Reporting > List view to new CMP-style grid.
    • Added ability to add Subtotals to Custom Reporting reports, under Tools > Custom Reporting > Build.



  • Deposits:
    • Added Client Code and Opponent Name as optional fields to the Deposit grid, under Accounting > Deposit > Enter Deposits.
  • Remittance:
    • Added ability to export remittance reports to Word, under Accounting > Remittance.


  • Lookups > Financial
    • Added ability to set Transaction Types for Income and Expense accounts (for Operating Account balancing).
  • Reporting > User Activity
    • Updated Groups and Users dropdowns to use nicer multi-select boxes.
  • Setup > Company
    • Added ability to set a default account type for new accounts created on a case file, under Administration > Setup > Company > Advanced.
    • Added option to show the plaintiff on the status bar, under Administration > Setup > Company > Advanced.


User Preferences

  • The following enhancements are in the newer “User Preferences” area located at the top right of all screens.
    • Added feature to disable the “Delete Prompt” when deleting reviews.
    • Added ability for users to include Add New, Edit, and Delete buttons to the top of certain grids.
    • Added ability to “Search Dropdown Start Only” for select2 dropdowns which will search only the beginning of the text when checked.
    • Added setting to always keep the Case File menu node fully expanded.
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