Featured Enhancements

Added a custom dictionary to the document screen, where users can right-click misspelled words for suggestions or
opt to “Add to Dictionary” to add the word to the firm-wide custom dictionary, under
Case File > Documents > Generate Document.

Added ability to send Batch Documents to imaging as a DOCX file (as well as a PDF).

Added ability to add an attorney’s signature to the “Check on Top” check format, setup under
Administration > Setup > Company > Accounting.

Please contact a CMP Representative for more information.

Case File

  • Main:
    • New ability to override billing rates at the case file level, under Case File > Main > Settings.
    • Enhanced ability to update an existing Case File Review from the Activity Note popup when adding a new activity note, under Case File > Main > Notes and Case File > Activity.  To use this feature, click on the words “Update Existing Review” in the Activity Note popup.
  • Debtors: 
    • Added logic to ask the user when editing opponent phone numbers if any of them are invalid / bad.
  • Litigation: 
    • Increased size of the Division field on the Case File > Litigation screen from 20 to 50 characters.
    • New Department field added to the Court Location dropdown, if the department is populated, on the Case File > Litigation screen.
    • Added “Court” as a “Payee Type” option when entering checks, to pull from the Court Location information on the Case File > Litigation screen.
  • Documents: 
    • Added logic to notify the user when the popups are blocked when generating a document, under Case File > Documents.
  • Imaging:
    • Enhanced ability to send ActiveReports reports (such as Remittances, Invoices, etc.) to a client’s Imaging area.
  • Review: 
    • Added logic to enable sending “Follow Up” reviews to Outlook, if this feature is enabled on the review
  • Financial:
    • New Per Diem Amount to the “Header Detail” area of the Case File > Financial > Balance screen.
    • New dialog popup on the Case File > Financial > Balance > Detail screen for DP (payment) transactions to view the full payment breakdown.  To view the breakdown, click the question mark (?) to the right of the DP transaction.
    • Added company setting and front-end message under Case File > Financial > Checks to include the Check Memo on the Court Cost Billing entries.
    • Added “Check Memo” as an optional grid column to see under Case File > Financial > Checks and Accounting > Checks > Enter Checks.
    • Added column drag capabilities and the “Case File Account” field (hidden by default) to the Case File > Financial > Transactions grid.


  • Reorganized the Contacts > Clients > Settings screen to make more sense + added additional help popovers.  For example, moved the billing rates from the Accounting tab to the Billing tab and moved the checking options from the Accounting tab to the Checking tab.
  • Added Default Account Type to the Contacts > Clients > Settings screen for new accounts created for that client.
  • New feature for saving images / documents under Contacts > Court Reporters.
  • Added ability to set Contingency Bucket Rates at the client-level, which override the case file-level rates, under Contacts > Clients > Settings > Accounting Settings.


  • Data Import > Excel Placements:
    • Added “Account – Placement Reference” and “Account – Fees Amount” fields as optional mappings when importing Excel placements.
    • Enhanced ability to set default Case Type and default Account Type when importing Excel placements.
    • Enhanced ability to merge Merge Accounts into a single case file and additional date format support (yyyymmdd).
    • Added “Country” as an importable field if enabled in company settings.
  • Custom Reporting:
    • Added a “Fees Calculated Estimate” field under the “Transaction” and “Last Payment” fieldsets to Tools > Custom Reporting which will calculate the estimated fees based on the payment amount and contingency rate plus suit fee rates, if applicable.
    • New Filters:
      • Starts With
      • Ends With
    • New custom reporting fields added:
      • Motion to Tax (Additional Judgment) fieldset
      • Opponent Hold Codes fieldset
      • Hold Description (under the “Opponent” fieldset)
      • Hold codes spelled out (Ex: “Attempting to Contact” instead of “ATC”)
      • Original Currency Breakdown
      • Lien Executions
      • Account Type Description


  • Enhanced ability to specify the Transaction Date vs. the Effective Date when specifying “Remit All Pmts Thru” on the Accounting > Remittance screen.
  • Added ability to reprint Deposit reports, under Accounting > Deposits > Reprint.
  • Added background / border change to the Deposits screen when posting direct payments to client, via the More Options button, under Accounting > Deposits > Enter Deposits.
  • Updated the Deposit Screen to require the Deposit Batch Type and Deposit Batch ID when posting a deposit, to assist with deposit reprints, “undo”s, and trust account reconciliations.


  • Lookups:
    • Added “column visibility” options to the Administration > Lookups > Case File > Review Codes grid.
    • Enhanced ability to create custom Document Expressions using the Recording County and “Motion to Tax” / Additional Judgment fields Administration > Lookups > Document > Document Expressions.
    • Added feature for users to update their own “Court Types” found in the Court dropdown on the Case File > Litigation screen.
  • Reporting:
    • New report:
      • Document Analytics
  • Setup > Company > Advanced:
    • Enhanced ability to enable the display of three Attorney Email Address fields separate from the Contacts > Opposing Attorney email addresses on the Case File > Opponents > Other Details tab.
    • Added company setting for displaying Review History with Activity Notes.
    • New company setting to show or hide the Case Style tab on the Case File > Litigation screen.
    • Added company setting for having the system calculate and store the estimated contingency fees on all unremitted transactions for a case file when a transaction is updated on that file.
    • New company setting for all new clients to default to Combined Checks.
  • Administration > Setup > Company > Accounting:
    • Added a company setting for the Low Balance Warning Amount when posting payments on the Accounting > Deposits > Enter Deposits screen that will bring the file balance below a certain amount (default is $300.00).
    • New company setting plus logic for applying pre-judgment payments to multi-count files, based on smallest to largest opening balance.
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