Featured Enhancements

New “Review Groups” so that a user can be assigned to multiple review groups that are not tied to their user type, under Administration > Lookups > Case File > Review Groups.

Added a “Find Case File” button next to the File Number field, under the Accounting > Checks > Enter Checks popup.

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Case File

  • Main
    • Increased decimal size from 2 to 5 decimal places on all percentages / rates on the Case File > Main > Settings tab’s “Commercial Rates / Suit Fees” popup.
  • Litigation:
    • Added the ability to toggle whether the judgment information affects the balance (must be enabled by an administrator).
    • New “Mediator” contact lookup and field (must be enabled by an administrator) for tracking mediators, along with the associated fields in custom reporting and document generation.
  • Activity:
    • Added the ability to change the “Billing Amount” when adding activity notes on hourly case files.
  • Reviews: 
    • New company setting (must be enabled by an administrator) to prevent the Review Code dropdown from changing the review text / assigned to / assigned date when editing an existing review, under Case File > Reviews.
    • Added “Through this Week” as a filter option, under My Reviews.
  • Financial:
    • New Total check amount field on the top right of the checks grid, under Case File > Financial > Checks.
    • Added the ability for users to “reprint” bills if they have access to the “print bills” option, on
      the Case File > Financial > Billing > Billed screen.


  • Clients:
    • New “Pay Checks by Wire” option on the Contacts > Clients > Settings > Checking tab, which would appear when selecting checks.
  • Employers:
    • Updated Company name as an optional field to view in the Contacts > Employers grid.


  • Custom Reporting:
    • Added the ability to set security on “system” custom reports (if activity security is enabled, must be configured by a CMP administrator) so that they are viewable by external users.
    • New Fieldsets:
      • First Payment
      • Recording Counties
    • New custom reporting fields added within the following fieldsets:
      • Transaction fieldset
        • Amount Remitted (also listed under First and Last Payment Fieldset)
        • Fees Calculated Total (also listed under First and Last Payment Fieldset)
        • OC Fees Calculated
        • OC Fees Deducted
      • Case File fieldset
        • Opponent Post-Jdg Payments
        • Opponent Pre-Jdg Payments
        • Status Description


  • Billing > Open Bills > Enter Payment:
    • Added ability to select and pay multiple invoice numbers for the same client code.
    • New ability to set the Payment Form on deposits when the “Create Deposit” box is checked.
    • Additional information fields in the line item grid:
      • Trans Type
      • Trans Code
      • Description
  • Checks > Import:
    • New ability to import e-checks from an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Deposits > Enter Deposits:
    • Added the Default Garnishment’s Bank (or Employer) Company Name to the deposit screen popup.
  • Transfer Funds:
    • New Transfer Funds screen with the capacity to transfer funds between files with the same client code.


  • Administration > Security > Users:
    • New ability to mark a system user as “View Assigned Files Only”, which limits their access to case files that have a review assigned to that user (does not limit any other views, such as custom reporting or the case file search).
  • Administration > Setup > Document Templates:
    • New Document Merge Fields:
      • AccountNumberRedacted4
      • AccountNumberRedacted6
      • AccountNumberRedactedExcept4
      • AccountNumberRedactedExcept5
      • AccountNumberRedactedExcept6
      • ActiveAccountNumbersRedacted4
      • ActiveAccountNumbersRedacted6
      • ActiveAccountNumbersRedactedExcept4
      • ActiveAccountNumbersRedactedExcept5
      • ActiveAccountNumbersRedactedExcept6
      • DefaultUserEmailAddress
      • DefaultUserFullName
      • DefaultUserInitials
      • DefaultUserPhoneExtension
      • DefaultUserPhoneNumber
      • Opponent1FullName
  • Administration > Setup > Company > Advanced tab
    • Added OutsideCounselFileNumber as a field option for the Status Bar Template or Email Subject Line Template.


  • New ability to separate multiple email addresses in a single email address field with a semi-colon while having the system validate all of the email addresses entered.
  • Added the ability to minimize the Enhanced Email Automation window and browse to other pages, while maintaining the data inside that window.
  • Updated ability to search for a “Billed” Invoice Number in CMPFind.
  • Added “Garnishment Bank” and “Garnishment Employer” to the CMPFind search options.
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