Featured Enhancements

Added ability to download DOCX files directly from the imaging screen.

New “Add to Batch Docs” button on the Case File > Documents screen to send a
document to your batch documents queue for printing later.

Please contact a CMP Representative for more information.

Case File

  • Main:
    • Added ability to manually add and remove cross-referenced (related) case files from the Case File > Main screen.
  • Financial:
    • Added ability to view the “Affects Balance” field on a transaction in the transaction grid, under Case File > Financial > Transactions.
    • New “Hold Billing” checkbox when adding / editing unbilled billing entries under Case File > Financial > Billing to hold unbilled billing entries.


  • Clients:
    • Added field to store / track the client’s county.
    • New remittance report (With Contingency Rate) that removes the “Unused Costs” field and replaces it with the “Contingency Rate”; available on the Client’s accounting settings screen, under Contacts> Clients> Settings> Accounting Settings.
    • New Remittance Company Name field on the Client accounting settings screen (available on the Client’s accounting settings screen, under Contacts> Clients> Settings> Accounting Settings) that appears on remit reports (if populated) instead of the Company Name found under Administration > Setup > Company.


  • Custom Reporting
    • New custom reporting field added:
      • “Billing: Unbilled” fieldset – Hold Billing
  • Data Import:
    • Added logic to run a conflict check during an Excel data import.
    • Added all Case File User-Defined Fields to the Excel Placements data import and Potential Files’ file creation process.
    • New button “Delete Selected” to delete multiple Potential File records at once, under Tools > Data Import > Potential Files.
    • New field to store conflict check information on Potential Files, which will display in the Potential Files grid, under Tools > Data Import > Potential Files.


  • Added ability to export remit reports to Excel via the “View Report” button on the Remittance screen, under Accounting > Remittance.
  • Added Deposit Batch ID and Check Number to the Transaction History tracking.


  • Added company setting for “Show Hold Billing Checkbox”, under Administration > Setup > Company.
  • Added ability to change the terminology of “Stipulation”, under Administration > Setup > Terminology.
  • Added ability to disable zipcode / county updates at the company level, under Administration > Setup > Company.
  • New document merge fields added:
    • ClientAccountExecutive
    • PostJudgmentDebtorPayments 
    • AccountCount
    • OpponentCount


  • Adjusted “Contact Support” emails to contain details related to the user’s full name, reply to email address, and current file number.
  • Increased maximum county name length from 20 to 75 characters, and maximum clerk company name length from 50 to 100 characters.
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