Featured Enhancements

Added ability to print the Balance Summary screen
located under Case File > Balance > Balance Summary

Added ability to send documents out for e-signature through DocuSign
(with automatic imaging / new review once it is signed)

Case File

  • Main Screen:
    • Added logic to warn user if the case type is changed on the Case File > Main screen.
    • Added Opponent Hold Code to Case File > Main > Case Information screen under the opponent name.
    • Added opposing attorney name to Case File > Main > Opponents expandable box, if one is available.
    • Added ability to add multiple user-definable case file tags to the Case File > Main > Case Info screen.
    • Added ability to specify a “Billing Hold” on a case file, under Case File > Main > Settings.
  • Accounts Screen:
    • Added ability to rename the Accounts menu and screen, and Account Type dropdown based on the Case File’s Case Type.
  • Opponents > General:
    • Added logic to add / update county-zipcode mappings when an address is modified at the Case File > Opponent level.
    • Added ability to quickly add new Opposing Attorneys, Banks, and Employers from the Case File > Opponents sub-screens. To add a new contact from within the Opponent screen, simply click the + above the contact field.
  • Opponents > Financials Screen:
    • Added help popovers to Case File > Opponents > Financials payment arrangement fields.
  • Opponents > Litigation Screen:
    • Added Address Served / Non-Served fields to Case File > Opponents > Litigation screen.
    • Added new Judgment Lien Certificate fields on Case File > Opponents > Litigation screen.
  • Documents Screen:
    • Added ability to double-click a document package name under Case File > Documents to generate that document package.
  • Imaging:
    • Added ability to Package images together as a single PDF or Zip file in the Case File > Imaging area.
    • Added ability to edit DOCX images stored in Case File > Imaging through the document editor, and saving the edited DOCX back to the case file through the document editor.
  • Reviews:
    • Increased Review Text length from 30 characters to 100 characters (as maximum length).



  • Billing:
    • Added search all feature to Accounting > Billing > Enter Bills.
    • Changed Accounting > Billing > Enter Bills grid to show most recent 100 records vs only today’s records.
    • Changed logic for assigning invoice numbers during Accounting > Billing > Print Bills to be sorted by client code, and then file number.Added ability to generate a billing statement of outstanding bills under Accounting > Billing > Open Bills by clicking “Generate Statement” in the top right corner.
    • Added ability to insert your own footer text on statements (Accounting > Billing > Open Bills > Generate Statements). To change the footer, go to Administration > Setup > Accounting.
    • Added file number to the Accounting > Billing > Open Bills listing (for separate bills).
    • Changed Opponent Name on Combined Bills to show full name where appropriate.
  • Remittance:
    • Added ability to view only Final Remits in Accounting > Remittance > Last 10 Remittances (checkbox).
    • Added ability to undo a Final Remit from Accounting > Remittance, if bills and checks have not been printed by clicking “Undo a Final Remit” in the bottom right corner.
  • Checks:
    • Added opponent name field to table in Accounting > Checks > Enter Checks. To enable this feature, click on the “Visibility” icon (eye) in the top right.
  • Deposits:
    • Added ability to override the deposit batch ID (assigned to a deposit) when posting the deposit, under Accounting > Deposits.
    • Added deposit line ID number to Accounting > Deposits grid to sort by order that the deposits were entered.
    • Added feature to link Louisiana-style Attorney Fees on Deposits with a parent transaction (used when voiding / misapplying the transaction).
  • Reports:
    • Moved Accounting > Bank Account Recon > Reports to Accounting > Reports.


  • Added ability to Re-record Judgments under Administration > Batch Programs > Re-record FJs.
  • Added ability to toggle the visibility of the financials menu for specific case types, under Administration > Lookups > Case File > Case Types.
  • Added new options under Administration > Lookups > Case File > Case Types to show / hide certain Opponent level tabs.
  • Added ability to override “Days to Hold Checks” for all Payment Forms (set up under Administration > Lookups > Payment Forms).
  • Revised Administration > Security > Client area to make it easier to navigate and configure.


General Enhancements

  • Added ability to search case file tags to the CMP Find (advanced find) area.
  • Added warning for un-verified documents when first logging into the system.
  • Added features to automatically save the case file after adding, updating, or deleting Activity / Reviews / Billing / Checks / Transactions.


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