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CMPOnline will now allow you to assign reviews to a user group, in addition to a single user,
such that the review will appear on multiple users’ “My Reviews” listing.

Please contact a CMP Representative for more information.

Case File

  • Main
    • New informational field to show the Current Contingency Rate being used on a case file, under
      the Case File > Main > Settings tab to help eliminate confusion regarding the contingency rate used.
    • Updated logic to automatically set a case file to “Hold Billing” under the Case File > Main > Settings tab during the file closure process (when moving it to CLOS status) and un-set this flag when reopening a case file.
    • New ability to “undo” a completed workflow step, under the Case File > Main > Workflow dialog.
    • Added audit change tracking to the Workflow field, under the Case File > Main > Settings tab.
  • Activity:
    • New feature to redirect the user to the Tools > Legacy Scheduler screen when double-clicking or Editing appointments, under Case File > Activity.
  • Review: 
    • Created a “legend” to the My Reviews and Case File > Reviews area to describe the color coding, where applicable.
  • Financial:
    • Added the current file number as the default file number when sending an ActiveReport to CMP Imaging (such as the Case File > Financial > Balance > Payoff Letter report).
    • Updated “Performed By” as an optionally visible column in the Case File > Financial > Billing grids.


  • Added logic to allow for setting a client’s designation type to “Forwarder”.
  • Redesigned the Client Settings screen for better readability, added informational hover-overs to various fields.


  • New column for current Case File Status added to the Tools > Data Import > Potential Files grid.
  • Added the “Interest Method” field to the Tools > Custom Reporting area, under the “Case File” and “Client” fieldsets.


  • New option to select the Check Type when printing checks if the “Electronic Check” payment form is set up so that the system pulls the next check number correctly for both regular checks and electronic
    checks, under Accounting > Checks > Print Checks.
  • Added the check’s Effective Date to the Select Checks grid, under Accounting > Checks > Print Checks.
  • Created the ability to select or deselect Deposit entries to include in the deposit printing and posting process, under Accounting > Deposits > Enter Deposits.
  • Updated logic to remittance to merge Outside Counsel (net) fees into the Office Payments bucket and Fees Deducted bucket.


  • New Default Outside Counsel / Third Party Holding Account dropdown on the
    Administration > Setup > Company > Accounting tab, which is used on the Accounting > Deposits > Enter Deposits screen when entering a deposit on a case file with an outside counsel that is marked as Net.
  • Updated logic so that the “Save Case File” button top left of screen in header area will act as the SAVE button on various sub-screens, such as under the Contacts menu, the Administration > Lookups and Administration > Setup menus, and the User Preferences areas.
  • Added a company settings page for Super Admins to update internal company configuration
    settings, under Administration > Setup > Company Settings.


  • New document merge fields added:
    • OpposingAttorneyFaxNumber
    • SheriffPhoneNumber
    • SheriffFaxNumber
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