My Reviews

  • Added ability to filter My Reviews with preset filters.
  • Added ability to My Reviews grid so that user can re-order columns and show/hide columns.
  • Added ability to delete a review from the My Reviews area.
  • Added colors to the My Reviews area to highlight overdue reviews (red), yesterday’s reviews (yellow), and today’s reviews (green).

Case File

  • Added Debtor’s Marital Status dropdown/lookup on Case File > Debtor > Other Info tab.
  • Added tracking of Debtor “Income”, “Expenses”, and “Dependents” to new Financials tab on Case File > Debtor screen.
  • Added ability to send Batch Documents to Imaging.
  • Added Alt-A and Alt-D to many Case File pages as shortcuts to “Add New” and “Delete” buttons.
  • Added ability to “quick add” clients when adding a new case file.
  • Changed client dropdown on Case File > Main screen to a searchable dropdown.
  • Added review priority shading to Case File > Reviews.
  • Added “High Priority” default filter to My Reviews area.
  • Changed Case File “Save” from Ctrl-S to Alt-S.
  • Removed account listing on Main Case File screen if case type does not have accounts.
  • Updated Litigation area to be tab-based vs. menu-based.
  • Reorganized the menus on the Case File > Opponents screen.


  • Added Starting Balance to balance calculation screen line items.
  • Added balance overview table on Case File > Financials > Balance screen.
  • Added Legal Status to the Header Detail on the Case File Balance screen.
  • Added Tax Motion total to the Balance Header, and removed the Insured Claim amount if non-subrogation.
  • Added ability to change “Balance As Of Date” to project future (or past) case file balances.
  • Added searchable dropdown to Service Code selection under Case File > Financial > Billing.


  • Added ability to insert “OR” filter lines into Custom Reporting reports.
  • Added ability to use “IN” and “NOT IN” filters in Custom Reporting reports.
  • Added ability to query Payment Arrangement Due Date in Custom Reporting.
  • Added Opponent Email Address to custom reporting fields.
  • Finalized feature for importing data (via Tools > Data Import) to load into Potential Files area for later creation.
  • Added Last Review to Custom Reporting field list.
  • Added ability to show only unique records in Custom Reporting.


  • Added feature to post “direct payments to client” on Accounting > Deposits screen, with option to auto add remit date on posting.
  • Added new framing for Accounting reports that includes ability to send the report to Imaging.
  • Added ability to select the FJ code on the deposit screen, if applicable (has tax motion).
  • Added feature to enter the Invoice Date when printing bills.
  • Updated Combined Check report to include full Client Name in headers and footers.
  • Merged the Enter Payments/Reprint Bills/Unfinalize Bills features into a single “Open Bills” area to perform these tasks.


  • Added field to Administration > Setup > Advanced for specifying the default client code for new client settings (when adding client codes during new case file process).
  • Added ability to assign High/Normal/Low Priority to Review Codes (Administration > Lookups > Case File > Review Codes).
  • Added ability to extend Client Codes to 16 characters.
  • Added feature to change how the client dropdowns appear, found under Administration > Setup > Advanced.
  • Added feature to automatically generate client “codes”, found under Administration > Setup > Advanced.
  • Added feature to Reassign Reviews to Administration > Setup > System Maintenance.
  • Changed the graphical layout of the Document Templates (under Administration > Setup > Document Templates) to a list view format.
  • Moved Bankruptcy specific lookups from the Administration > Lookups > Account area to their own section.

General Enhancements

  • Added ability to change terminology on “County” in “County or Circuit” cases.
  • Added ability to “search” on open, closed, or all files.
  • Added two-factor authentication to logins
  • Added ability to store 5 digit decimals in all Contingency Rate fields (File/Account/Client).
  • Added Client Full Name to Contacts > Client listing.
  • Added enhanced search option to find case files easier.
  • Added searchable dropdowns to Opposing Atty, Bank, Employer (on Case File > Debtors screen) and Check Payee (on Case File > Financial > Checks screen).
  • Changed client dropdowns on most screens to a searchable dropdown.
  • Added scrollbar to Help documentation popup on all screens for easier reading of long passages.
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