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Fully Featured Legal Debt Collection Software with Document Management

Having access to every stored file just as if you were in the office is essential to every firm. CMPOnline uses a conventional cabinet-folder filing structure with our cloud-based application, making the document management tool an intuitive and easy-to-learn interface. With automation built in, your firm can create documents quickly and efficiently.

The Document generation screen is easy to navigate and logically designed. The document titles are controlled by you and your firm so there’s no extra training time needed to learn a new document naming structure. You can mold the document system to create single-page letters or complex packages. CMP makes it easy to tailor your legal files to your firm’s already in place organization style. The templates are designed by you and your firm with the option to merge any field in CMP into a document. This allows users to create new packages on the fly, reducing the set-up time and resulting in the same level of productivity. The documents are then saved as templates to be used over and over again. A merged document can also be modified before printing or making a PDF without altering the template.

CMPOnline takes document automation to a whole new level. You can watch the YouTube video below or contact us for a free demo today.

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